i’m magic.

Like Harry Potter.
It’s true.
For real.

For example, I know stuff. Weird stuff. I know when something will happen before it happens.

I have instincts that are usually correct.

There’s no rhyme or reason to when this happens for me, but it happens.

buuuuut I’m human. Very human. And sometimes…

This happens.

I drink tea every morning with a splash of milk. For as long as I can remember. In fact, if someone in my house were to get to the bottom of the milk container, they would set aside a small amount for ‘mom’s tea’
( because mom without tea in the morning is , well, less than desirable)

Last Tuesday I left in the morning to go to my weekly knitting group ( we are a group of crazy knit wits) and I made a cup of tea to go in my travel mug.

After knitting, a group of us ran a few errands, and two of my friends ended up coming back to my house late in the day.


And this sweet girl was waiting for us.

The house smelled like…. Well, like she left us an unwanted surprise.

Embarrassed, I searched the house, and there was nothing ( good girl )

I emptied the trash, poured pine sol down the garbage disposal and lit a candle ( trying to eliminate the usual ‘ smelly’ suspects)

The next morning, I came downstairs to the same smell, but stronger.

Again, emptied trash, recyclables , pine sol-ed every drain in the house and lit a candle. Many, many candles.

I went to make my tea and there was no milk.

Say WHAT? How could Scott finish the milk without leaving me enough for a cup of tea????? This was bad.

I made iced tea ( I drink it straight-up) and went to shower.

Throughout my shower, I was baffled as to when Scott actually would
have finished the milk.

The container was not in the trash or recycle bin..

He didn’t have any the night before, and he eats breakfast at work…




Then I thought about how I made tea the morning before, and all at once, I figured it out


That there is the cabinet where my travel mugs live. And no, it’s not refrigerated… And the milk was there for over 24 hours. I put it back in the wrong place.


Now I know that I’m not the only one who has done something like this. Right? Right?

So even though I’m magic, I still do really silly things.

Someday I’ll tell you my gallon of milk story… Remind me 😉


  1. Oh that little pup is too adorable for words! Almost distracted me from the story 😉


  2. First… Most people Would open my fridge and say,….. ” who left an empty gallon of milk in the fridge?”…. And the answer would be… ” mom’s tea!”…. So I get that!!!! Miss fen.. Always a distraction!!!!.. I Can attest that you are like Harry,….. But even better….. I have grabbed the wine in the mining out in my wine… Wishful thinking?……


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