43 years ago today I was born. Once upon a time I thought that the age 43 sounded awfully old.  But as I was sitting here this morning, enjoying my tea and reading all of my amazing birthday wishes.. I realized that it sis just another notch on the thing we call life.

I’m also thinking just how truly blessed I really am. So often in life it’s too easy to think about what we don’t have, or what others do have but you know what? everyone is different and every one has their own personal hell that they are going with, so it’s really important not to judge. It took me years to learn this.

Im very lucky, this I know.  I have  amazing Children  that I have raised to be kind, considerate human beings.. and a daughter- in law who fits right in with our core family and I love her like my own. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally. I have parents, extended parents and in-laws who love me and are proud of me.

I have a sister that appreciates the bond between us. I have extended sisters and brothers who are all very special.

I have friends that I can show up unannounced and be at home at their kitchen counter.

I have friends that I haven’t see in 30 years, that I know we could meet again and pick up where we left off.


I have new friends that Im pretty sure will still be there 20 years from now.

I have a past that makes me smile on some days, cry on others and both feeling have made me a better person as a result.


I could go on forever about how I am blessed, but I wont bore you.


I have a few friends, and family members going through some tough times right now. And I feel for them.

In many cases, I’ve actually been there. It’s really hard when you are going though it.


What has helped me was learning to let go. Simple, it sounds, but actually, its really very difficult.


When I learned to let go, to stop trying to figure it all out, to me in control of everything, surprisingly, everything fell into place… After years of chaos.


where am I going with this? who the heck knows. I got to thinking when taking my shower this morning and this birthday girl is wordy today 😉


Why am I sharing my thoughts? honestly… because once upon a time I thought 43 seemed old. But now that I’m here, I realize just how deleriuosly happy I am. How happy I have become.

But honestly.. I’m writing this for my children and someday grandchildren.  Long after Im gone, I hope that they can look back and read this and not wish the years away. Live in the moment. Whatever that moment might be. Don’t fear aging, Lots of times things get better with time.

Life is short. Enjoy the ride.


and if you’ll excuse me, I have to begin another 365 more days of memories.


oxox~ shel



  1. Happy happy birthday!


  2. Seesta!!! says:

    Wubba You!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! 💞


  3. OMG we have the same birthday! I hope your day was fabulous. xoxo


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