while the kids are away…

Mom and dad will play!

Well.. Kinda.

Ry and Ali went to visit Jamanda for a week, leaving Scott and I ( and Fenway) with our first * taste* of our empty nest.

What’s really strange is that this is the very first time that Scott and I have lived alone !

We’ve done a lot of this …


And this….


And this…..


We drove up to the mountains , with the hopes of going hiking… but got immediately rained on 😦

We unpacked some boxes…

we went to REI flagship store…


SOOO cool!

we spent the afternoon each finding just the right pair of hiking boots..

we found an art festival right around the corner from our house


We took Fenway with us, south to Colorado springs to a place called Gardens of the Gods… beautiful rock formations to ‘hike’ all around..

DSC_2938 DSC_2980 DSC_2945 DSC_2944

we stopped for lunch

we saw a snake… ( yuck)


I know none of this sounds horribly exciting, but it’s a start.  I did get my new grill this weekend so I have been playing ALOT!  I have a bunch of recipes to share but i am struggling SOOO fsr-eak-en badly with the technology part of this.  I’m researching other options.. this is downright maddening!

I had much more too share with you in this post, but it has taken me almost 2 hours to post this little bit. UGH!

I will leave you with a few more pics of our Sunday… Hopefully I will get this figured out soon..

oxox ~ shel

DSC_3044 DSC_3032 DSC_3112 DSC_3045 DSC_2915


  1. Wow! So different than the east coast! Just spectacular!


  2. Joyce Lynch says:

    What a wonderful place to live. Love the pic of Scott “watching” Miss Fen


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