casa hagg.. Finally


Lots of you have been asking for some pics of the house. It’s coming along.. Slowly but surely.
If I haven’t had so many issues with the blog this week, I’d have done this much sooner. I need technical help πŸ˜‰
So here we go.. A few random pics. Remember .. This is a work in progress it will take until the fall to get it the way that I want 

Fenway’s fenced in back yard πŸ™‚ my girl is loving it !
sewing room before…

annnd after…. Lets not talk about it  soooo much to do here ! Scott’s armoire wouldn’t it up stairs OR downstairs.. So here it is 

Of course I’m seeing this as a way to store more fabric!

My countertop in the dining area 

My super- cool antique cast iron claw foot tub!

sun porch before….

Sun porch ready to sit in πŸ™‚

Dining area / kitchen beforehand…

And after !  I am going to make roman shades for the 2 windows in the kitchen with this fabric 

As well as matching pillows for the couch 

I’ve bought pane,s at ikea $32 baabay! That look almost identical to the pottery barn curtains that the previous owners left us ( the one thing that Agnes left behind that I actually want ) 

View from my kitchen toward dining/ living room 

(Note said hand me down curtains??)

The view to the right as you walk in the house. …

Another view …

View to the left as you walk in ..

Straight ahead as you walk in… Pictures of loved ones passed and Ali as a little girl πŸ’

Area next to dining room table  these built ins house much of my kitchen stuff since this kitchen is 1/3 the size of my other kitchen …  That room on the other side is my sewing room and if you were to stand straight I this doorway you would be facing my claw foot tub 😁😁😁
Our back porch.. Where we’ve eaten most of our meals. The weather here is great ( minus the tornado yesterday and the wildfires..).  The great thing is that there are no bugs! It is so nice to sit outside and not get chomped on by Mosquitos!

My view from my living room out.. Say hi to Zola! 

And this, my friends, is where I am blogging from right now! 

It has been an interesting week. Life is very different here to say the least. Some good, some bad. Some I expected .. Some blindsided me.
In the end.. This is my new home.  My very old new home full of history and where I can hardly wait to make memories !
Ciao Bellas! 

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