We bought a house!!! A very adorable house 3 miles from Scott’s office! ( after 20 plus years of a minimum of 1.5 hour commute each way.. This is very exciting for us!!! )

We went into this process with a few things on our wish list. Some were negotiable, some were not
non- negotiable

1-it had to be at least 3 bedrooms. It was very important to us that both Ryan and Ali have their own rooms when they come home from college. Not that we don’t adore Jay and Amanda.. But they have their own home …. There is always room for them, and they know that . Our new house has a completely finished basement with full bath and fireplace… *read.. Jamanda’s home away from home*

2-location! Location location location. This was key for us. We could change any part of a house to make it ‘ours’ but location is not one of them. Denver has many parks and I desperately wanted to be walking distance from a park. Not only is our new home only 2 blocks from a beautiful park, but its also walking distance to whole foods!!! ( my favorite store <3)


3- walk-ability… I know this kind of ties in with #2 but I’ve always wished for a house that I can walk out my door and go somewhere without having to drive .

4- yard. This one is kind of funny . Our house in Massachusetts has an enormous yard.. And scott mows it once a week to the tune of about 3 hours ..( I’ve always joked that he’s in training for his retirement job of being a groundskeeper at Fenway park… Ryan thinks we are going to become potato farmers… Who knows?). Once we started looking and found how ridiculously small the yards are In the area we were looking, then it became a must that the yard was big enough for Fenway to play . This house not only has a fenced in yard, but a poop area for her off to the side annnnd….



A doggy door!!!! I know!!!!. How adorable!!!!!



I’ve shown Fenway pics…. She approves πŸ™‚





5- character. We wanted an older home … Our new home was built in 1926 and still has some original glass and woodwork as well as built-ins!!! I’m in love :). There is a small brick room perfect for creating a reading nook. Now I need suggestions from all of you on what books I should read .. ( or perhaps write????;) )



6- a front porch.. This wasn’t a deal-breaker but I really really was hoping for a front porch. I’m an old soul at heart and was secretly hoping this wish would come through. Not only does it have a front porch.. But it has a porch swing!!!!




7-Parking… For those of you in the northeast this may sound strange.. But many houses don’t have off- street parking. We not only have a small garage ( for storing the jeep hard tops) but 2 off street parking spots. The garage is behind the house in an alley way with the parking spots right next to it ..

8- also not a deal- breaker, but I was hoping for a designated sewing area .. This house has a bedroom on the first floor that is now going to be my quilting room!!! I have a very talented neighbor who has quilting for many many years. Her husband built her a custom sewing table and I just love it. I asked him if I could pay him to build me one and he had a proto-type I his basement that he made to bring along to quilting shows so that people could custom order. He is putting the finishing touches on it and selling it to me !!!! Finally,… My sewing machine can come off of the dining room table… And I can finally finish Scott’s quilt from 6 years ago!!!

We are downsizing considerably and weeding through a lot of stuff and giving things away to those that we love. I have a wide variety if emotions that I’m going through .. It’s been a crazy year and to think how different life will be in 6 months just blows my mind…

A lot of things will be sooo different for us living in Colorado.. We’ve always lived in New England near the ocean.. But we are super- excited about our new adventure !!

Btw— sorry about the italics.. I’m typing on the iPad from 30,000 feet in the air and I can’t figure out how to change it and my teenagers aren’t with me to help..,

Thanks friends, for reading about our journey .. I’m looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and cooking!! I’ve been sooo busy cleaning and staging our house in Massachusetts to get ready to sell and as of 5 pm yesterday it’s on the market! Pulling into my driveway to see the sign in the front yard was a bit of a shock, but its part of moving on…

Much love—



  1. You sound so excited. It comes through in your writing. And Fen approves, best stamp of approval you can have.


    • barefootgirl27 says:

      Thank you Glenda! I really am excited. And fen just rules the roost


      • Cathy Thomas says:

        Oh I am sure! Just knowing you I would buy it sight unseen! But unless you want to rent it out or sell it for $800 it just isn’t going to happen! But I am sure you will sell it quite quickly! I will give you a pointer about the aquarium there… unless you get tickets cheap its not worth what they charge. The zoo is awesome! If you venture to Estes Park take your camera and a coat! Take the the tour at the Stanley Hotel! It’s a ghost tour. It is the place Steven King wrote the Shinning after. The movie that came out a few years ago that was a remake was filmed there. Its just super cool! And they have cute shops!


  2. Cathy Thomas says:

    You will love Denver. It is unlike the rest of the mid-west which is a bit on the scary side. Fort Collins is a place you should venture into. Park and just walk along the shops! Its a college town and full of cool little stores. I wish we were at a point that we could afford your house in Mass but I guess its all timing! lol! good luck! enjoy and explore!


    • barefootgirl27 says:

      Thanks Cathy… I’m looking forward to all it seems to offer out here . Lots of places to explore!! Too bad timing is off. It would be a great house for you ;). Oxox


  3. I absolutely am in love with it!!! It so cute and it is so totally you. Wishing you all the best!


  4. I just cried a little ……


  5. Thank you for writing this. I am so glad that you found just the right place. It sounds terrific. And the location — WOW. You sound like you are going to be very happy, which makes me EXTREMELY happy!!!!!!! Love you.


  6. I am so happy for you and Scott and your new adventure! How exciting and I’m alot bit jealous, maybe envious is the right word, jealous sounds so negative. I will just have to live vicariously through you and your adventures out west. What an absolutely adorable house and it totally fits you. If Jodie ever needs a flying buddy to come out to visit …….. πŸ™‚ Congrats


  7. Amanda Sue says:

    I can just see your mind churning about how you are going to spruce up the front yard πŸ˜‰ love you!!


  8. I’m sure you’d be COMPLETELY surprised to hear that I’ve already been thinking about Christmas decorations…….,


  9. Aunt Judy says:

    Love reading your adventures! I’m sure you both will be very happy in your new home NO empty nest syndrome for you, you moved to a whole new area and house! I’m sure all there will keep you very busy!!



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