being rich *giveaway*

 friends, I have a story to share ( I know big surprise. ) you see, I like to talk, and my pup , Fenway can only listen to me for so long, so I’m chatting with you !

You may know that in my past life I was a cosmetologist. I worked in the same building for over 20 years. ( the ownership changed 3 times, but like the bathroom, I always stayed… I was a fixture there)

Over the years , I made a lot of friends, both co workers and clients.  To this day i am still friends with so many people who I met there.  I am actually still friends with 2 girls that I gave their first day of school kindergarten haircuts to! They are both married with children now.. ghheese…. I sound old when I say that..

Anyhoo… I was kind of an amazing nail tech back in the day. And what happens when you ‘do nails?’  you sit across from someone, hold their hand, and talk for an hour… it doesn’t get more intimate than that… you really get to know someone.

Like Mrs. m.

Mrs. m was a hot ticket.  She had an ‘air’ about her that turned some off, but I just loved her. She said it like it was.. like it or not.

Mrs.m and her husband had a very nice house in an upscale neighborhood in the outskirts on NYC. They also summered on the Cape. ( where I met her)..

After a few years, they sold their NYC house , put everything in storage and starting renting a place in Sedona for the winter.

They talked about buying a place out  in AZ.  They spent the summer talking about what they wanted  and they disagreed ( c’mon friends, they  are married!) 

Mr. m was still traveling for business a lot during this time period..

So the fall came, and they headed to AZ to what she thought was a meeting with a realtor. Turns out, it was a closing. He had bought the house that he liked without her.

She was furious. She stood up, walked out of the room and caught the next flight back to Boston.

About a month later , when she came in to see me at the salon, she had her car FULL of all of her kitchen items. She had her kitchen storage locker delivered to the cape and gave it ALL to me.

Now picture.. I am newly married with just the basics… she gave me a kitchenaid mixer, matching food processor, blender, ice cream maker, entire set of pots and pans, serving dishes.EVERYTHING

I was in Heaven 🙂

She was so furious with Mr. m that she told me that he was going to buy her all new kitchen items once they resolved the AZ. issues.

So one day, we are facing each other, I’m about to paint her nails with OPI ‘ Chicago Champagne Toast’ ( yes, I still remember this, I pay extreme attention to detail… and this was her color)

She looked into my eyes and said ” what makes you rich?”

Now I was confused, because I was anything BUT rich… Scott was still in school and we lived off of my paycheck.. And the tips that I made paid for groceries for the 3 of us)

She then said, ” picture that you could have anything that you’s not as cool as you’d think. Now think about that one thing that just makes you happy. that you feel happy just because you have it and you want to surround yourself with’s the thing that makes you rich”

her thing? was kitchen clips. She could have had anything that she wanted, but kitchen clips made her rich.

So that got me to thinking…  what makes me ‘rich’

the answer?



puffy heart


And they don;t even need to match :).. A few years ago my mom knit socks for everyone for Christmas.  When we opened them, we all had mismatched socks. She had wanted us to search out which family member had our matching sock.

here’s the thing.. we all liked that they were miss matched and that she had done it that way .. we kept our socks that we had opened

so the following year she gave us these for Christmas

I KNOW!  how cool are these????

I love love love the fingerless gloves!!!!  everyone say hi to Fenway pup 🙂

then earlier this year she made me these…

YOGA socks!

( sorry about my crazy legs & feet 🙂

so there you have it. Mrs. m was a very  wealthy woman, but it was a $5 item that made her rich.

now, because I puffy heart all of my wonderful friends.. I have a surprise for you….

Look what mom made Just for one of you!!!!!!

there are many ways to enter…

1~ like seabreeze designs~ cape cod socks on Facebook

2~ Leave a comment on the blog telling me what makes YOU rich

3~ Share a barefootgirlinthekitchen on Facebook

4~ refer a friend to barefootgirlinthekitchen

5~ ‘Like barefootgirlinthekitchen on facebook ( if you havent’ already)

6~ sign up for new posts via email

7~ pin a barefootgirl recipe or post to pinterest

now… I found this really cool way to host a giveaway ( please forgive my newbie-ness) but I cannot install it here on this blog until I learn how to speak a foreign computer language… It’s just not working for me… so to enter the contest, head over to  hand knit socks by mom giveawayand check off all that applies to you 🙂 ( but remember to tell me what makes you rich.. I really want to know.. and it just might help me with my Christmas shopping 😉

***Don’t forget that after you comment to head over HERE ( click on the word here) to officially enter :).. sorry about the confusion… hopefully someday I can have that directly on the blog….***

Mom is also offering an October special…  All of the proceeds from everything that she knits goes toward our big 40 mile breast cancer walk in May.  So for the month of October she is offering free shipping on any item !! With all proceeds going toward finding a cure for breast cancer

check out her stuff.. she makes the most amazing fingerless gloves ( perfect for texting , and driving, but never texting and driving at the same time, because that is very very bad)

She had tons of stuff that she has already made, and she is more than happy to take custom orders… think ahead to the Holidays, these are all perfect gifts 🙂

This post has taken me forever to type… I need an internet fairy to come help me with the behind the scenes part of the blog….

*waves my magic wand*


and good luck!

ps…..   HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD !!!! oxoxox


  1. Cathy Thomas says:

    You are going to find this hard to believe but socks make me feel rich too. You should ask Chad… I go goo goo for socks and in fact love your Moms socks and own I think 3 to 4 pair (hope that does not disqualify me) And I am a kitchen gadget freak! I own two Kitchen aides (two diff sizes) and too many more to list! I love even the little gadgets like potato peelers! I swear I am not a creepy stalker trying to copy everything you do!!!


    • sock lovers unite!!!!! She does make nice socks 😉 and of course you can still qualify 🙂 xoox I love little things… like little spoons, little forks, little bowls.. they make me feel rich too 🙂


  2. Amy Buessing says:

    I’m going to say something sappy like, it’s friends like you who make me rich, someone who can write a post about mismatched socks and make me teary eyed…..but I know that’s not what you mean :). I thought about this, and there’s so many things I love that make me rich. (I know, how lucky am I!!!!). But I think the biggest thing is my big purple K-State blankie


    • aww.. that is so sweet :).. YOU are so sweet …. xoxoxox I really like my blankie too… It follows me from room to room when I’m home..

      *note to self* Amy likes purple 😉


    • Amy Buessing says:

      Ok, stupid thing posted before I was done…..

      Anywhooo…. big purple K-State Blanket that’s made out of sweatshirt material that I curl up with in the morning while I drink my coffee out of my chipped red flowered coffee mug (another thing that makes me rich). I don’t love it because it’s big, or purple, or even K-State, it’s because when I’m curled up in it I feel content, happy, and peaceful. And warm, warm is good 🙂


  3. pajamas – I LOVE pajamas – not sexy lingerie type – but “jammies” “pjs” whatever you like to call them. And your mom makes the best fingerless gloves!! love, love, love mine! 🙂


  4. Reading material makes me rich. Doesn’t matter if its a brand new hardcover, a used paperback or a magazine I can leaf through. Anything on my kindle, a box and a friends blog. It’s knowing there is still sooooo much to discover/learn.


  5. amandasue says:

    diamonds make me rich 😉

    just kidding!!

    but seriously.. textbooks could make me rich (since I have sooooo many)….

    kidding again..

    I think it’s my running shoes and clothes that do it for me.. nothing makes me feel better than taking a nice relaxing run! (for real this time ! )


    • Amanda.. that is awesome 🙂 I’m jealous… still trying to love it over here…… I think that it is beyond awesome that you and Jay are so far away form each other ( well not that you actually ARE so far apart) but that you have both fallen in love with running despite the distance… You will both have so much fun running together before you know it !! oxoxox


  6. Gosh, I just sat here thinking about what makes me rich…would it be the candles I love to have burning, my favorite jumbo Fiestaware mugs, my comfy yoga pants and long sleeve t-shirt, or my fancy camera? But those don’t make me rich, but they are all my favorites. What makes me rich is being surrounded by those I love. I look around and I have pictures in almost every room of the house. Even my desk at work is covered with pictures of my fiance, our kids and my nieces and nephew. So, I guess you could say my pictures make me rich


  7. My pets make me feel rich. To hold a bunny in my arms and know I rescued that bunny from a life of Hell makes me the richest person on earth. Bunny love is the best!


  8. Kelley Murray says:

    Being around my 2 girls makes me feel rich. The fact that they love me and just want my time (with an occasional toy! LOL) makes me incredibly happy.


  9. Share good blog for friends that make me rich. I like your mon she is very kind and make special socks.
    I did like on your facebook and share with my friends.
    Thank you for share your blog and great giveaway.


  10. Love this blog. What makes me rich is my family. I treasure each and every one of you.


  11. Being able to work with young children makes me feel rich and blessed. 🙂


  12. Sue Belisle Williams says:

    Wonderful post,, I wonder how mrs m made out in az? Bummer I couldn’t enter the contest,, your mom makes great things,, see what going to the damn gym every day after work does.. Keeps me off Facebook TOTALLY missed this entry lol. …



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