Humor me and just go with it

Day 4 without power. Ali’s first day of school was yesterday… Ryan’s today. Nothing like headed into high school all funky (although ice cold showers have their place,removing 4 day funkiness is not one of them)

(and thanks to friends who have offered to help. But you know teenagers.. Or will soon!!!)

I had a fun post planned for today bit my fat fingers on my tiny phone make it difficult. We wont even begin to talk about my failing eyes and this

( insert picture of broken glasses here)

So humor me by pretending that this is the first time that you’ve read this …

the funny thing about tradition

Please cut and paste if you can’t click on it. It’s one of my favorites….

And for the record… Ali did have cookies yesterday



No bake cookies 😉

( thanks mama pea. You are the original Rock star!!). I bow unto you..

Off to drive the senior *sniffle*. To school….





  1. Ha!!!

    There’s the pic of the broken glasses((( my fat little fingers)))


  2. Christina says:

    The dough tastes amazing!! Love these and love you!! You’re an awesome mom 🙂


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