apple picking part deux & giveaway!

My sister Jodie called me earlier in the week to see if I was interested in going apple picking.  Despite the fact that we just went last weekend I eagerly said yes!

This meant

1) some quality girl-time

2) I could use up my apples from last weekend to make more of that yummy apple butter

So I loaded my crackpot with all the fixins’ & we headed back to the orchard.

no. wait. That’s Ryan from years ago.

THIS was yesterday… My niece, Mollie was desperately looking for a green apple. She was a bit excited when she found one!

Ali & my niece, Alexis…


we went for a hayride to a pumpkin patch

Lex was very concerned with liability issues

Jodie, Lex & I found the cornfield

Jodie with her girls

Ali & I

Mollie munching on one of many apples..

I fell in love with this little apple… it’s perfect!

to give you an idea of how little it is, I placed it next to my coffee mug.


so now.. for the giveaway…

In honor of my passion of all things APPLE   (and my pathetic attempt to see who’s reading) I’m going to give away one of those new-fancy-dancy apple corers!

All that you have to do is

a) comment on this post as to what your favorite apple dish is


b) sign up to receive new post via email

OR.. if you do both, then you will be entered twice!

The winner will be announced Friday evening…

good luck!


  1. How can I pick a fav apple dish? Apple sauce, apple butter, apple pie, apple sausage, apple crisp, apple strudel, apples & saurkraut, fried apples, caramel apples, apple wedges with dip, the list goes on and on. And, I want to know where you found that corer-I have been looking for one & haven’t found it an any store.


  2. My favorite apple dish is apple crisp a la mode 🙂

    *off to register for email sign up*


  3. That explains it, we don’t have a WS in the area-probably a good thing.


  4. Kara Mullen says:

    Michelle…I love you blog and find it very good reading. Always surprised and in awe of your love of cooking and sharing. My favorite apple dish is my sister’s apple pie…it is down to perfection. The only problem is she lives 300 miles away…sniff sniff.


  5. My favorite apple dish? Just a raw apple please. LOL

    Looks like you had tons of fun.


  6. I love apple pie, but I am eager to try your apple butter!


  7. Hey sista ~ It certainly was a great day… need ideas of quick apple desserts as, you, know… time is limited…… I have plenty of apples to spare…. any suggestions?
    After all… my steel oats this morning were absolutely amazing… definitely a great and quick breakfast inthe morning… wait.. what if I integrate my pumpkins with a little brown sugar with my steel oats?… Hmmmm what do you think?….. or even my apples…a little apple butter…Hmmmmm….


    • also…had your apple butter on weight watcher’s rye today… no guilt!.. was tummy… Many people asked me what it was… got the word out!


      • barefootgirl27 says:

        if you cook your pumpkin, you can stir it into your oatmeal for an amazing breakfast…top with a few walnuts..

        or stir your apple butter into your oatmeal!! with apples

        wait till you get coconut butter.. your life will change 😉


  8. My favorite apple dish is chunky apple sauce. But I also love a nice crunchy apple with fat free caramel for dipping. Nice snack at work. My favorite used to be Macoun but this year I discovered Honey Crisp. Yum!!! Love all your blogs and your CSA blog has been shared with many people for your recipes. Keep them coming!!!


  9. I love apple pie 🙂 Has to be my moms recipe though…. but my favorite apple recipe is pick an apple, wash it… eat it…..yummmmm

    and Michelle – you are such a hottie in those shorts! 😉


  10. apple crisp-yum!


  11. Angeline Carlin says:

    Hey Michelle
    I love reading your blogs. They make my days. With all the apples you have I wasn’t sure if you made an apple pie yet. They always look so yummy. The apple butter sounds delicious!! Keep cooking hon:)


  12. I love, love homemade apple pie with fresh homemade crisp pie crust!


  13. I looooove a good old fashioned apple crumble. If there’s ice cream, I won’t argue…

    I also LOVE the pictures from your fall weekend!! Oooh lawd, I’m trying to find a fun fall hayride/apple picking for the beau and myself this weekend!



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