Whoaa!! a double post??? on a Monday??

Yup! you heard it here!! I am so excited about my little treats that I made last night that I simply couldn’t wait..

Bacon-wrapped grilled jalapeno poppers!!!

I started with the basics, jalapenos, a few slices of bacon, colby-jack cheese sticks & toothpicks.

Cut the tops off of the peppers & core them. For years I have struggled with getting the centers out and still leaving the pepper in tact. Then it occurred to me.. use the pumpkin tool form carving jac-o-lanterns!

works like a charm!
Cut each cheese stick in half & shove that baby right down into the center of your pepper. Cut each bacon slice in half & wrap around the pepper up near the top: secure with a toothpick.

I have this nifty popper holder that I got last year with a gift card, but you don’t need to be all fancy pants like this to make these.

to prove it, I made one without my exciting toy

just don’t place the pepper directly over the coals, because the bacon drippings will cause flare ups.  Don’t ask me how I know this….

Grill them until the bacon is crisp & the cheese is oh-so-yummlily melted.

And just in case that you missed the first picture..

they were kind of spicy, but I love spicy 😉

I need to go now, I think that I’m going to make these again.

right now.


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