*Sort of* a tutorial

A friend of mine is also trying to learn to make the paper-pieced hexagons.  I have tried explaining it to her & decided that a short visual explanation might make more sense, since I really don;t know all of the proper terms & I have just started this myself.

From the research that I’ve done, there are many ways to do this; this is what I have found to work for me. If this doesn’t work for you, by all means try something different 😉

I purchased my paper hexagons  I’m using 1 inch hexagons.  Why? Just because 😉

I started by rough cutting my pre-washed & pressed fabric a seam- allowance bigger than my paper piece. It doesn’t have to be perfect,  the straight-edge of the paper will create a nice, even line.

Next I place the paper piece on the wrong side of the fabric & use a straight pin to hold in place

 Then I  fold two pieces of the fabric over one corner, sort of like wrapping a present

I then use my thread ( I’m using white hand quilting thread) to pick up both pieces of the fabric in the corner, without going  through the paper

I stitched twice over the same area, giving the thread a brief tug to make sure that it was secure.

Next I move to the next corner, same thing.. I just make sure that my thread is taught, but not pulling.

Again, 2 stitches through both pieces of fabric

When all corners are stitched, I do a final stay stitch then cut the thread.

Make another (or 50, they ARE addicting!!) hexagons.

To attach them together, place right sides together & with co-ordinating fabric whip stitch the edges together.

Continue whipstitching the edges together in desired pattern..

Here is a view of the back…

I have not finished this flower yet, but when I do, I will update the blog ( I promise, it won’t be long)

When flower is complete, then paper pieces can be removed & reused. I think that I will only remove the inner-most pieces so that I have ‘body’ to work with when I get to the point of actually assembling all of my flowers to be into my quilt.

I hope that I haven’t confused you too much.. I welcome feedback from anyone who has suggestions on how I could improve these…




  1. Awesome – Thanks Shel!! oh and sexy thumb 😉


  2. You are welcome.. and OH, Yeah.. sexy thumb 😉


  3. Yay!!!
    I am excited about this
    Thank you so much!


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