quilted ‘quilts for kids’ quilt & Quilt top for the raffle

I have quilted the quilts for kids quilt.. although it was anything but easy.. learning a new machine was far more difficult than I thought…

I tried to make quilt in a circular pattern in the yellow/ white blocks
and a stippling stitch through the animals… ( poor animals ;(….)
anyway.. there was alot of cursing on my end as I tried to teach myself… patience has NEVER been my thing…..
Thanks to frigid temperatures & windchills ( windshields)~ LOL … and a weekend with out prior commitments… I spent the WHOLE weekend piecing together the quilt top for my raffle quilt
I just love this quilt…. some speak to me than others and this one just hits home for me… It will be hard to give away…but I will.. that is why I made it..  I will be selling raffle tickets @ $5 a piece or 6 for $25. The raffle will be held on the Friday before the Boston walk.. ( I believe the 15th of May? ) every cent will go toward my walk… 
 I will be walking 39.3 miles in 2 day for breast cancer research….. 
here is the fabric that I have chosen for the backside….
the whole quilt will be free-form stippled……
and made with love… and hope
ok … time to make dinner…oxoxox
if you are interested in buying raffle tickets, you can email me for details barefootgirl27@comcast.net


  1. The blue quilt is stunning! What a wonderful way to support breast cancer research.


  2. Absolutely Gorgeous, Shel. Man there is just no stopping you. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? Love Mom


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