The matching *gym bag*

Ok.. so I  attempted to make a matching gym tote to *tote* my sneakers & ipod to & from the gym in the winter weather…

MY problem, I’ve used it as my constant purse/ tote ever since…. I really love this cheery bag!

I even made a special pocket inside just for my Ipod……

but it also works perfectly to hold my lip gloss on the go…….. Maybe I need to make another tote JUST for the gym..

I finished the quilt top ( minus the borders) for the circle quilt…..

This quilt makes me smile!!!  I used a blank CD to cut out the circles form a charm pack!

and lastly, I got the Quilts for Kids quilt all ready to quilt and realized that I didn’t have navy thread for the bobbin… her she sits, awaiting ……

I am VERY excited to actually ‘quilt’  on my new machine…

after a busy birthday weekend for my daughter last weekend

her barbie cake that I made with WAY too much icing….

I look forward to a quiet weekend with hopefully a little one on one time with my  machine!!



  1. I wish I had even half your ability sigh… looks great and Im lovin the quilt!


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