A VERY cool story that has *a little* to do with cookies….

Many of you know that for many years I have been a HUGE Springsteen fan. ( sorry, Gina)….. I’ve seen him many times, each time better than the last….

What does all of this have to do with cookies? …. I love to listen to the music. When I win a contest at my local radio station.. I need to go to the station to pick up the prize in person. Many years ago ( ok, 2 decades) When I went to the station for the first time, There was a very large framed poster of the upcoming release of one of his records. Yes, records.
I stared in awe & asked the receptionist how much it was.. She told me that it was not for sale. Over the years, each time I would go in to the station, I would always inquire about it & was always told the same thing. NO.
Ok.. so the cookies… a lot of people have asked me what I do with all of these cookies that I have baked.  I leave about a dozen out for my family to graze on, send a few into school with Alison for her wonderful friends & I freeze the rest.
Over the last week, I have started to put together platters to give away to friends, businesses, a few neighbors.. people that I deal with all years long as a thank-you.

One of my friends, Joe,  is a DJ  (extraodanaire.. btw)  at the station. This past weekend, hours before the blizzard hit, he was doing an on-location airing. I went to visit him to bring a platter of cookies for he & his wife.

He was there with someone else from the station. & they  were both  obviously cold.  I offered to go get them coffee  to warm up.
I returned with the coffee & joe received a phone call. I handed the coffee to the other man & introduced myself. When he told me his name I  recognized his name. I said, “you are the one with the Bruce poster!” I told him that I have admired it for years. . By this time, Joe was off the phone & told his buddy, that yes, I was in fact a HUGE fan.
His co- worker turned to me & said, “Merry Christmas, it’s yours”…  I was in shock.. I thought that he was joking. He told me that it was Authentic & valuable & to please be very careful transporting it, but that he was happy to turn it over to someone who would treasure it as he had…
SO my son, daughter-in-law & I met Joe & his co-worker at the station yesterday….

and I am the VERY EXCITED owner of this framed original poster from early 1985!!!!
What does this have to do with cookies? very little.. but I am so excited that I just had to share!!!
My family & I are now discussing exactly where to put it in the house. I’m thinking the living room *grin*
aka~ barefootgirl…. yes, form one of his songs *smooch*


  1. ok thats stinking awesome and I am sooooo jealous lol


  2. Only you Shel would be able to score an original poster of Bruce. I don't know how you got so lucky. You're always winning on these radio contests. Once again, you are so amazing. Love you


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