My husband, Scott, is my hero…

I mentioned it in one of my first posts, but my dishwasher has been broken. Baking cookies & hand washing all of the dishes that go with baking cookies in addition to normal everyday family dishes.. well, my hands have seen better days…

Scott ordered the parts to fix the dishwasher & (without electrocuting himself ) *golfer’s clap* (not the kind of golfer’s clapp that Tiger has.. ouch.. did I just type that?.. bad me)

Tada!!! he fixed it!! I never thought that I would love the sound of a dishwasher running as I do right this very minute. *sigh* it’s the little things in life…

So with a working dishwasher.. I will continue my promise of cookies …. He had asked me if he could bake today’s cookie. Shocked to hear this, of course I accepted his offer.

I give you

Scott’s creation!!! .. I am marveled (as I’m sure you are as well) at his culinary expertise!!!.. To think that he went through all of that trouble, hand-carving out designs on the cookies..

multiple designs!!!


And he hand carved the word ‘oreo’ onto the back of each one….. filled them all with this beautiful red filling!

I’m speechless!  What a guy.. the things that he does for me 😉

It has come to my attention ( being the mathlete that I am ) that I am still short one cookie from day 3…. once I clean up the disaster left in the kitchen from Scott’s cookies, I will bake another batch of cookies this afternoon….

be back later…


  1. ROFL


  2. Way to go Scott!! Your my hero too. What a man.


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