A fun no-bake cookie!!

Today’s  ( or should I say yesterday’s ) cookie is one that I haven’t tried to make yet.. The recipe comes courtesy of my friend, Jill… ( thanks, Jill)

I’ve really enjoyed  The Crock pot Lady‘s blog .. and the format that she uses. So, I am following what she did by taking a photo of the ingredients before hand.

Ingredients : 1 package of Oreo or Oreo-type cookies
                     1 package of cream cheese, softened
                     1 Package of chocolate (white or milk chocolate)
                      Holiday sprinkles (not pictured)

1) put oreoes in food processor & blend until fine.
2) mix with softened cream cheese; then roll them into approximately 1-inch balls
3) freeze briefly while melting chocolate.

Remove cookies from freezer & 1 by 1, dip them in the chocolate & put on a cooling rack. Sprinkle with sprinkles right away. ( Ali & I found this to work much better with both of us helping..I was queen of the sprinkles *wink*)

Allow to cool until chocolate hardens.
Pour yourself a big glass of milk & enjoy.

My daughter, Alison actually made these cookies ( since my dishwasher went to dishwasher heaven this morning & I had had to hand wash 3 loads of dishes)

                                                                (Ali back then )

the result? Although the recipe didn’t make all that many ( I supposed we could have made smaller cookies) they are quite rich & very tasty!!


  1. Yeah! I use the small Pampered Chef scooper to portion them out and then roll into a ball. It makes 1-inch balls. Glad you enjoyed them!♥Jill


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