Yay!! October is here!!!!!

I just got back form a trip to my favorite quilting shop,  Tumbleweed Quilts.
 If you ever find yourself on Cape Cod, this is a must to visit. So many wonderful fabrics!! So many designers….

So the wonderful ladies there confirmed what My husband & friends have told me about my blooming-nine patch.. to leave the center fabric that I’m not crazy about alone.

SO after finally making that decision it was time to pick a backing. I was lucky enough to fine this fabric in the close-out room for half -price

I think it will go nicely together.. and at half-price, I couldn’t beat it!

I also bought a few funky fat quarters ~ not quite sure what I’ll do with them, but I just love ’em!!

And lastly, I bought a pattern for an Amy Butler bag that looks oh-so-cute! I will attempt it with scraps to make sure that It comes out right, then I will pick one of Amy’s wonderful fabrics  to make one ‘for-real’..

and that will mean.. another trip to Tumbleweeds!!!!

Time to put the borders on my quilt!! oxox


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