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manifesting abundance

soo here I am again…..

*actually, I’ve always been here, I just haven’t shared a whole heck of a lot *

How have you been? Good. Me too!

manifesting abundance.. exactly what does that mean?  Since I’ve been posting I have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, which has me certified ( and no longer scared 🙂 to teach yoga!

It was an amazing journey and it really transformed me in many ways.  As part of our training, we had certain electives to choose. One that I signed up for was “manifesting abundance”

I had no idea what it was….  and I made that perfectly clear as the day-long class began. I was sitting all properly propped up on my yoga mat, tea by my side ,honoring my body as we were taught to when Tiffany, my teacher asked if there were any questions. I promptly raised my hand and asked, ” what is manifesting abundance? ”

She smiled and simply said that she would not be able to answer that question… It was a question for me to answer.

I turned bright red and was so embaressed that I actually asked the question.

I almost walked out. But I didn’t.   I stayed and had a most amazing day with a bunch of wonderful women. I cannot go into too much detail of what happened in that room, but I can tell you that it was amazing and it changed me. When I left at the end of the day, I knew everything would be ok. I also realized just how many signs in my life are all pointing me in the direction that I am supposed to be going in.

The signs have always been there, I was just too naive to see them.

Let me explain a little.

As some of you know Scott and I had our children very young. I was 16 when our oldest, Jason, was born; Ryan and Ali followed when we were in our early 20s.

We have spent not only our entire adult lives raising our children, but much of our adolescence as well.

It’s pretty much all that I know.  Jason has been out on his own for many years now, happily married to a wonderful girl , Amanda Sue, who I am proud to call my daughter- in-law. I love her for loving him.

Y’all may also know that ryan has had a rough road. The deck of cards that he was dealt left him with a wild, wild ride for him to get to where he is today. I cannot tell you how much of my life revolved around helping him get to where he is now

( he has done so much on his own, but I have always been right in the sidelines ready to help him with whatever twist or turn was waiting )

Unfortunately, there were far to many turns.

Fast forward and He is now a freshman in college, at his dream school, majoring in history, a subject that he is passionate about.

He is clear on the other side of the country.

Ali is a senior in high school, very independent, and very goal-orientated when it comes to her picking her college for her next 4 years..

Scott and I have raised 3 independent, compassionate, thoughtful kids who have carried on with them the ability to think out of the box and take the road less- traveled and stop to enjoy the view.

26 years ago, if you had asked me what I would want for my children when I was becoming a parent, I could not have dreamed the outcome.

It was what I had , unknowingly, had spent my life manifesting.

So that day in the room, Tiff had us write some things down… Things about us now, things that we would like to see in our futures.

I came across that paper the other day.

1~ become a yoga instructor.  check. I love yoga and I love to teach others to be healthy and HONOR and LOVE yourself for who you are today.  I’m all for being healthy, but I get bothered when I see folks beat themselves up for that ‘extra 5 pounds’..

to put it in perspective, somebody going through chemo would LOVE those 5 pounds..

right? right.

And look back at a picture of yourself from ten years ago.. most likely you were thinking to yourself , ” I could be skinnier, or more muscular, or richer, or… well, you get the point.

And I’m willing to bet that when you look at that pic now, you would love to be who you were back then.

So stop and love yourself for who you are today… strive for more, but accept who you are. for who you are.

I always say, stop comparing yourself to the person next to you…. they are doing a terrible job at trying to be you .

2~ I wanted to become a runner. I have never been athletic. Like ever. I purposely bailed out of gym class ( but excelled in home EC.. go figure?) I’ve played one tiny season of softball when I was 9 and even though I was supposed to love it, I hated it. ( I’m sorry, dad , 😦 )

I have always envied runners.  They just seem to have a sense of self and look so carefree and comfortable in their own skin.  I have tried many times to learn to run, but I’ve just simply hated it.

So one of the things on my list that day was to become a runner.  I am working very hard on that one. I have some excellent guidance and I am determined. And when I set my mind to something.. that’s it.  I signed up for my first 5 k  (dragging my little sister along with me)  and I am scared to death… but you know what? I am going to do it. And I am going to love it… because I want to..

perhaps I should have warned you ahead of time regarding the length of this post.. sorry 🙂

back to being a mom.. I have dreaded this time in my life for the past few years. what would I do without my kids here? This question has had me lose more nights of sleep than I care to admit. I have obsessed and dreaded it.  I have even gone as far to talk to my doctor about it.  26 years of being a mom & being SO involved in my kids lives… what would be around the corner for me?

What I learned in that room that day was like I said, I am going to not only be ok, I’m going to be better than ok. I have been working on ‘manifesting abundance’ and by that I mean that I am going after all of my little dreams one at a time.

When I left Ryan last week, I cried one tiny tear. No where near the mess that I thought I would be.. Pride took over . and Happiness. As sad as I am to not have him here to get my quirky humor ( he ‘gets’ me like no one else does) .. the smile on his face and seeing him in his element SOO happy washed away any tears that I might have cried.

This happened once before too…  When Jason graduated from Navy boot camp.  I was ready to be a mess, but when he marched in, a man… I was overwhelmed with pride. I simply cannot describe it.

It is safe to say that my kids mean the world to me, and while I am still their mom and biggest fan, the fact that they are all living their own lives SO happy.. well, that make me happy.

and ready to manifest what is next for me 🙂 I’m only 41 years old. Really, quite young to be at this point of my life.

I do still have Ali for her senior year, as well as Tian, my exchange daughter form Hong Kong ( who i love like my own) and Ali’s multiple friends who call me mom & make our home their second home. It will be an amazing year for all of these beautiful young women, and I intend on keeping in touch with each and every one of them.

( I may be known at the post office as the queen of care packages )

I love that they are all going on with their own lives and that I am ready for this point of my life.  I never imagined the peace that I could find in my own skin 🙂

so.. if I haven’t lost you yet, thanks for letting me share. I love to write and I have alot to say ( clearly)

don’t give up on me, food and quilting will still be here…. ( I’m about to make mushroom soup for one … as my entire family is currently in 4 separate time zones )

as I leave you… think about this…  what are you manifesting? can you picture it? can you love yourself just as much as you love that certain someone that you would do anything for?

just try



my all-time favorite posts ( updated 8/ 13)

manifesting abundance

thanksgiving thoughts



there’s a turkey in the backseat

my very first blog post.. how this all began

being rich

…’twas the night before Christmas 

Is not what my family reads on Christmas Eve..  grab a beverage, curl up in your favorite chair and indulge my inner storyteller as I share my story with you.

The year was 1995. I was 25 years old, working full-time and had 3 young children.  My oldest,Jason was 7, Ryan was 3 and Ali was 1.
As most you you know, I was a cosmetologist.  I worked for 20 years at the same salon.  It changed ownership 3 times, but like the toilet, I was a fixture there.  As a result, I developed a lot of great friendships with my clients.  I’m still friends with many even today. 

A lot of my clients were older and gave me some excellent advice over the years.  I honestly learned so much from these ladies.  I’ve shared This story before, and today I have another. 

Jason was at the age where he was starting to question Santa.  It was breaking my heart.  I had missed the Christmas before because I had complications with my pregnancy with ali and spent Christmas in the hospital..
I desperately wanted just 1 Christmas where all 3 of my kids believed in all of the magic of Christmas. 
I was telling my client, Eileen about my delemina.  She took my hands and said, ‘Michelle, listen to me.. you need to go buy the book The Polar Express’
Eileen never had kids of her own, but had nephews that she treated like her own. She had given them this book the year prior and said it worked magic. 
I called around to find a bookstore that had it, and there was one that was 20 miles away. It was Christmas Eve day and time and money were tight.  She made me promise that I would find a way to go get it. 

And she told me a few other things too…
I bought the book, wrapped it and put it under the tree and told the kids they could open that one goat on Christmas Eve. 

( I feel the need to add that this was years before the movie came out, which honestly, I can’t stand) 
I snuggled with all 3 of them and read them this beautiful story and put them to bed. 
Christmas morning, Jason came running down the stairs screaming..”santa was here!!!  He left his bell on my pillow!!”
I was so happy that I remember tearing up.  It was all that I wanted for Christmas, and I got it. 

A few years later,  a good friend gave my the polar express whistle. Every Christmas Eve, I read the story, my youngest niece blows the whistle at the right moments trhoiout the book. And every year, santa comes!

Moving across country has been hard, especially around the holidays.  Today is the day that my family is celebrating Christmas 1,834.3 miles away.  Through the wonders of modern technology, I will still be reading this to my family. My neices have the book and later tonight, we will all snuggle in our pajamas and FaceTime while I read this story to them 
We also throw reindeer dust. Each and every year 

Here I am sharing a glass of wine with my mom and sister!
Merry Christmas, my friends..  

May you always believe

story time

yes, I’ve been MIA… It’s been a crazy, whirlwind 3 weeks

I flew from Denver to Boston , moved my youngest, Ali into Freshman year of college in Providence, spent time with friends and family on Cape Cod., picked up 2 of my boys from Boston, drove back to Providence, then flew to Oregon to move Ryan into Sophomore year of college, then finally, back to Denver.

Which is where I am now sitting in my quiet house and realize that I should write something. anything.

So I’m sharing a story today. I’m sharing it because when I had a ‘date night’ conversation with my sister last night, I told her this story and realized that I never shared this with her.

which makes me wonder who else I have or haven’t shared.

so here goes…

10,0000  years ago, when Scott got his very first job out of college, one of my clients at the hair salon that I worked for told me that we should buy a nice bottle of wine and save it for his retirement.

We lived on 30 bucks a week. if wine didn’t come in a box, or a giant jug, we didn’t drink it.

fast forward. Last year. After we  moved Ryan into college.. Scott and I had a day that Ryan had freshman activities , so we wandered into the beautiful Willamette Valley to explore some wineries.





this one is for my little sister… she loves this pic of me 🙂

Scott and I just loved it there.. and of course we bought some bottles to bring back with us… but not just any bottles..

we bought 4 bottles, one for each year of Ryan’s college, to be enjoyed after each year that he completes.  The Bottles ranged in price from not very expensive for freshman year, up to his graduation wine which is a special reserve vintage. ( more expensive than we would normally spend)

If you are friends with me on facebook, then you might remember this picture that i posted, promising a story ..


I just didn’t think it would take me this long to share 😉


yup. we didn’t have furniture, but we did have a special bottle of wine to celebrate Ryan’s first year complete.

So knowing that Ali was going to school in Rhode Island, and that we had a winery there that we enjoy more on that  HERE!… we factored a trip to the Vineyard to purchase 4 more bottles, this time in preparation of Ali’s upcoming accomplishments…


interestingly enough, the latitude of the South Cost of Rhode Island is the same as the Willamette Valley and Southern France, which is why all 3 areas produce fabulous wines!



her graduation wine 🙂  The label was designed by a graduate of RISD.. I love how they keep it local.


so that’s my story. and a brief wrap up of how we became empty-nesters so soon….

we are both so proud of all of our kids ❤



Our Oldest, Jason, is halfway through his bachelors’ degree and our Daughter-in-law, Amanda Sue is in nursing school, both in Florida.

hmm…. I think that a trip to St. Augustine Winery may be in order 😉


the next food network star ( possible spoiler depending on when you are reading)

hands up.. who is watching this season?


* raises hand* 

If you are watching then you know that tonight is the season finale.  Ryan and I have been watching since the beginning, and the very first episode, he looked at me and stated, ” Demaris should be the winner” .


At first  was unsure, I mean she did a few things that I kind of thought were on the outrageous side..


but as time went on I realized that I LOVED her outrageousness and here we are at the finale, and she is one of the last 3! 

We watched her pilot last week, and Ryan turned to me and said, ” mom, you MUST make this”


* for those of you who do not know, Ryan is our middle child, on summer break from college, and a huge foodie ( like his mama 😉 ) *


so guess what i did last night? 

yuppers.. I made her recipes.

Sweet Potato Biscuits with Peppered Pork Loin, Apple Mustard Butter and Salad

Read more at:





trust me. you should too!


this was my first time making biscuits ( go ahead, be shocked, Ryan was) and ya know what? they came out really good!  Demaris does a good job of explaining how to not make them *humpy*

yes, Humpy. She said that on tv…  which is why I hope she wins, I would LOVE to watch her show. 




I know that I promised you a recipe yesterday, but the weekend got away from me and I spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the perfect weather.

I promise, tomorrow… Roasted onion, garlic and red pepper sauce.

so simple, so good 🙂 

Make the most of the rest of your weekend! 


race day

race day is here..  I am excited and scared and nervous and extatic all at once.  *squeal* I can’t believe that today is the day!!

You can read about why this has been so important to me here  🙂

My little sister and I are as ready as we are going to be… and that is in thanks to many friends along the way who have answered even the silliest questions about running for me.


and yes, I did go out and buy new sneakers yesterday…. because everyone who knew anything about sneakers told me that mine were way too small for me & my ‘toe box’ would end up hurting my toes.

I also started to get really bitchy  nervous  yesterday afternoon…. so I took my patootie to the running store, where I was surrounded by runners who didn’t even know and still answered questions for me.

Thank you for everyone on my personal facebook page for the music suggestions… I appreciate them all and her is what I ultimately came up with..

St.Elmos’ fire? why yes…. it is where I fell in love with the jeep Wrangler and knew I would someday drive one…

Prince?  why, yes.. because I am still ( and probably always will be looking for the purple banana….)

Flashdance? well, honestly, wouldn’t you be more surprised if it wasn’t on my playlist? 🙂

thought so 😉

Today is also the day that I announce the winner of the giveaway !!  And i know that I said the deadline was last night, But I’m feeling all warm and generous this morning…  So I will extend your chances to win Until I arrive home from the race….  ( I have a complete list of everyone who was entered based on how you could enter as stated in that post.. some of you have multiple entries! Thank you!!

So same as before..  like barefootgirl in the kitchen on facebook

Share a status update from barefootgirl in in the kitchen on your own facebook wall…

Sign up or have a friend sign up for email alerts from the blog.. or by wordpress.

Have a friend like barefootgirl in the kitchen on facebook. ( then write n the wall your name so that I know who sent them over 🙂 )

You guys are all the greatest…  I’m off to the city where the old world shadows hang heavy in the air…

I’m such a lyric junkie 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ll be back around dinner with race results and giveaway winner!  good luck friends!!!

I gotsss to run!!!!

born to run


well….. not really… but born to TRY 🙂

T-minus 7 days until my first race. I purposely chose a RACE that was a run/ jog/ walk. I expect that I will be doing 50/50 jog/ walk. My personal goal is to finish within 45 minutes, but if I don’t achieve that, I’ll still be proud.

And be fore warned… not matter how sweaty & red I am once I finish… I will post pics.. because I will be SO proud of myself 🙂

while I’m working on running to me walking for a cure ‘my thing’  This year once cross the finish line of the 2 day- 40 mile Avon walk for breast cancer I will have walked over 360 miles for breast cancer research ( not including the months of training ) and together with my team raised.. are you ready for this..almost $30,000!!  That’s an awful lot of cookie.. and brownies… and spaghetti dinners 😉

In the years passed, we have walked just because we could.. because we wanted to be able to make a difference. I have prayed that my family never had to hear the words, ” you have breast cancer”

This year we will be walking for a personal reason, My stepsister was diagnosed early last month. I won’t go into details, as it is not my place to, But walking for a cure just took on a whole other meaning for us.

I’m also walking for a friend of a friend with 4 small children who also is battling breast cancer.

prayers for all involved would be super cool 😉

In a few weeks, my team and I are doing a smaller walk in Boston to kick off our 2013 training.

This year we are able to have other family members who otherwise could not walk the 40 miles to make a difference ( but are always on the sidelines cheering us one when the going gets tough)

There is a choice of walking 1.5 miles of 6… either one that you chose, you’ll be part of an amazing experience! We are excited to have the extra company and if you are free to join us, please do!

Our team name is Team  Pinkteenies.  Come join us!!

I have been working very hard ove the last few days trying to format my blog & have it come across as who I truly am. ( mind you, I have almost zero technical skills) but I slowly am getting there.  As a result, I have not spent a lot of time in the kitchen ( ironically)  but trust me.. I did work on a few watermelon recipes early this morning and once I have a finished product. I’ll be sharing.

You may want to go out and buy a watermelon in advance.. trust me 🙂

Lastly, before I head out for my little training run ( which admittedly, I’m trying to avoid) I want to shout out to my good friend. Celia, over at River Cat Chili, who is a whizz at this stuff and actually spent time on the phone with me yesterday during a chili competition to walk me through some things that I just could not figure out.. Smooch!  you are the best… ( and she has the puuuritest little voice too 😉 )

Ok.. lacing up my kicks and loading the tunes..  ( and it’s drizzling out…. WHO am I ?? )


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