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weekend snapshot part 2

So I left you at Saturday night. I forgot to mention that we did a little furniture window shopping saturday afternoon, We currently have 2 sectionals, one in our living room and one in our finished basement .

Our new house is considerably smaller than our current house so we need to do major downsizing ( which is perfectly ok by me ) neither of our sofas will fit in our new living room so we will be selling one, and buying a smaller sofa.

I found one that I really liked. The floor model had it in off white ( which I loved) but with a black haired dog, I new it wasn’t practical. ( isn’t it protocol for empty – nesters to run out and buy a white sofa 😉 ). Just kidding….actually, I’m not.. I loved the white but It also comes in a granite color, so I think that’s what we will go with.

At first Scott liked it, then he said he didn’t ( I think he was just razzing me) but in the end he sent me the dimensions of the living room to make sure it will fit.

He had to go into the office on Sunday, so I was on my own. Which was ok, because I had developed either a

Head cold
Sinus infection or
Altitude issues.
Or maybe a little bit of each …

either way, it really knocked me down. I’m sure the fact that I’ve been going a mile a minute for 6 weeks then just stopped didn’t help

I spent the day cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, dishes and going through magazines for decorating ideas and checking out websites for ideas.
All while watching 80’s movies in the background.

It was actually fun to clean the small space! Almost like playing house 😉

I have 2 Queen Anne chairs that I love, but the slipcovers are worn. Like beyond saving- worn.
But the slipcovers themselves are soo expensive! I did a little research and I think I’m going to attempt making my own slipcovers. Ill make a prototype using inexpensive fabric to start and if all goes well, then ill splurge on a fabric that I like. * wish me luck!!*

I’ve been looking at fabric collections and found a few that I really like!



I love co-ordinating fabrics and how they can feel so cozy.

The other thing that I’m going to do Is attempt roman shades ( also in coordinating fabric) for my kitchen. I did a lot of reading on how to make them and again, I think I can…. I think I can… I think I can……..

We also need to do some re arranging of our bedroom sets. Ali’s set won’t fit in her room. My current thought is to keep the dresser and nightstand and desk ( all white) but put her full headboard away and get her a twin white headboard instead.

Scott’s armoire won’t fit in our room so my thought is to put it in Ryan’s room and find a full wooden headboard that coordinates and use Ali’s full mattress in there.

I’m going to start hitting up yard sales and furniture consignment shops this weekend.

Monday I went back to super target to buy groceries for Scott since he doesn’t have a car there once I leave ( something else we are trying to figure out)

I went back to the apartment and made home a big batch of kale soup for a few dinners,




and stocked his freezer and cabinets with food for the next 3 weeks.

Our open house went well .. Our real estate agent said there was lots of positive feedback, which is nice considering how hard I worked to get the house to where it is now.

By the time you read this I will be home and ready to hit the ground running again. I have. Furniture to bring to a consignment store, as well as sports equipment, clothes, etc…..

In the next 6 weeks I will have

Bought a house in Colorado
* hopefully* sold a house in Massachusetts ( updated… We are under contract!!!!)
Shipped my beloved Zola to Colorado
Have Ali’s senior prom
Cheer Ali and lex on as they walk 40 miles for breast cancer
Have all of my kids home for 1 week ( graduation week)
Watch my daughter graduate high school
Celebrate Scott and my 24 th wedding anniversary
* hopefully* find a place for Ali and I to live for June and July
Remember to breathe 😉

I’m starting right now with that last one. The only way I’m getting through all of this is one day at a time.

As I leave I just wanted to share this pic. The events at the finish line of the Boston marathon hit too close to home. I had friends sitting in the stands where one of the bombs that did not go off were found. Too scary. And the crazy manhunt and additional death and injury of the policemen.. There are no words…

Even though I’m ready to make a new life in the Rocky Mountains, my heart will always be in Boston …



We bought a house!!! A very adorable house 3 miles from Scott’s office! ( after 20 plus years of a minimum of 1.5 hour commute each way.. This is very exciting for us!!! )

We went into this process with a few things on our wish list. Some were negotiable, some were not
non- negotiable

1-it had to be at least 3 bedrooms. It was very important to us that both Ryan and Ali have their own rooms when they come home from college. Not that we don’t adore Jay and Amanda.. But they have their own home …. There is always room for them, and they know that . Our new house has a completely finished basement with full bath and fireplace… *read.. Jamanda’s home away from home*

2-location! Location location location. This was key for us. We could change any part of a house to make it ‘ours’ but location is not one of them. Denver has many parks and I desperately wanted to be walking distance from a park. Not only is our new home only 2 blocks from a beautiful park, but its also walking distance to whole foods!!! ( my favorite store <3)


3- walk-ability… I know this kind of ties in with #2 but I’ve always wished for a house that I can walk out my door and go somewhere without having to drive .

4- yard. This one is kind of funny . Our house in Massachusetts has an enormous yard.. And scott mows it once a week to the tune of about 3 hours ..( I’ve always joked that he’s in training for his retirement job of being a groundskeeper at Fenway park… Ryan thinks we are going to become potato farmers… Who knows?). Once we started looking and found how ridiculously small the yards are In the area we were looking, then it became a must that the yard was big enough for Fenway to play . This house not only has a fenced in yard, but a poop area for her off to the side annnnd….



A doggy door!!!! I know!!!!. How adorable!!!!!



I’ve shown Fenway pics…. She approves 🙂





5- character. We wanted an older home … Our new home was built in 1926 and still has some original glass and woodwork as well as built-ins!!! I’m in love :). There is a small brick room perfect for creating a reading nook. Now I need suggestions from all of you on what books I should read .. ( or perhaps write????;) )



6- a front porch.. This wasn’t a deal-breaker but I really really was hoping for a front porch. I’m an old soul at heart and was secretly hoping this wish would come through. Not only does it have a front porch.. But it has a porch swing!!!!




7-Parking… For those of you in the northeast this may sound strange.. But many houses don’t have off- street parking. We not only have a small garage ( for storing the jeep hard tops) but 2 off street parking spots. The garage is behind the house in an alley way with the parking spots right next to it ..

8- also not a deal- breaker, but I was hoping for a designated sewing area .. This house has a bedroom on the first floor that is now going to be my quilting room!!! I have a very talented neighbor who has quilting for many many years. Her husband built her a custom sewing table and I just love it. I asked him if I could pay him to build me one and he had a proto-type I his basement that he made to bring along to quilting shows so that people could custom order. He is putting the finishing touches on it and selling it to me !!!! Finally,… My sewing machine can come off of the dining room table… And I can finally finish Scott’s quilt from 6 years ago!!!

We are downsizing considerably and weeding through a lot of stuff and giving things away to those that we love. I have a wide variety if emotions that I’m going through .. It’s been a crazy year and to think how different life will be in 6 months just blows my mind…

A lot of things will be sooo different for us living in Colorado.. We’ve always lived in New England near the ocean.. But we are super- excited about our new adventure !!

Btw— sorry about the italics.. I’m typing on the iPad from 30,000 feet in the air and I can’t figure out how to change it and my teenagers aren’t with me to help..,

Thanks friends, for reading about our journey .. I’m looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and cooking!! I’ve been sooo busy cleaning and staging our house in Massachusetts to get ready to sell and as of 5 pm yesterday it’s on the market! Pulling into my driveway to see the sign in the front yard was a bit of a shock, but its part of moving on…

Much love—


a week of gratitude 2015

I’ve spent the morning going over old posts and realized that this day, the Tuesday before thanksgiving, is historically a day that I write a heartfelt post. 

Reading this old posts made me realize how much I miss my grandparents and the simplicity of belong a child. 

So, allow me to tell you about what amazing people they were. 

They are part of every happy memory that I have as a child. They were both always there for me and sacrificed a lot for me. 

When I was 9, and home life was tough, my grandparents took me in to live with them. They lived in an apartment and the seriously gave up their bedroom and slept on a sleeper sofa for a year so that I could have my own bedroom. 

They surprised me with a puppy by taking me to pick one out, telling me it was for a cousin. It wasn’t until the ride home that they told me that I could name her because she was mine! 

They lived paycheck to paycheck.  They sacrificed a lot financially and some how found the money to send me to a catholic school because the school system in their town was less that desirable. 

They always made the 4th of July special.  Each year, they would pack coolers, stop at the store so that my baby sister and I could buy a bag of mixed candy ( remember the kind that had a mixture of candy dots, ring pops, lollipops, sucky candies). Then we headed to a local park and set up for the day and played and ate and just had fun until fireworks started ( which I hated, btw) 

It was the same park that my sister fell from the monkey bars and almost but her tongue off. 

They would drive my cousin home at 3 am 45 min away because she was homesick. 

My grandmother is the reason I love to cook.   She always gave me carte Blanche to do what I wanted in the kitchen.  I would mix all kinds of things together. Sometimes it was edible, sometimes it kinda wasn’t.  They both always tried my concoctions. 

My grandfather built me an outdoor kitchen out of old wood and my grandmother gave me all kinds of old pots to play with.  I spent hours out there. 

My grandfather built me a tree swing. I loved that thing! 

They were avid gardeners, while there was t a lot of space, they grew some amaz ing tomatoes, ( probably why I’m so obsessed with growing tomatoes now) 

One day I picked all of the tomatoes. I sat in the corner of the garage and mixed them in my beach pail ( complete with sand.. Oops!). Whaaaat? I was making sauce!

Needless to say, they were not happy with me

They had a rose garden behind their garage. I wasn’t supposed to go there, but one day I did and got myself caught up in all of the prickers.  I remember screaming for them and my grandmother having to cut me out of them while my grandfather lifted me up. 

I have always been a Barbie fanatic.  I dreamed of having a Barbie dream house.  One day they asked me to go in. The attic and low and behold, they had bought one for me and one for my sister ( she wasn’t a Barbie girl, so she wasn’t as excited as me) 

I’ve grown up with stories of them taking in my uncle’s friends. 

My cousins tell me how much they helped them growing up. 

They passed away far too soon. I’ve never really dealt with their deaths.  My grandmother passed first. She had met jason, but not Ryan or Ali. 

Alison is named after my grandmother and I see so much of her spirit in Ali


My grandfather’s heart was broken.  He was never really the same after she passed. 

Other than their funerals, I’ve never been able to go to their gravesite. I’d burst into tears just thinking about it.

On a recent trip to the east coast, I knew it was time for me to come to terms with this and go visit them .

I told no one.  I needed to do this by myself. ( although last minute I had to ask my aunt and my mom where in the cemetery I could find them) 

I stopped and bought a small bottle of the brandy my grandfather used to drink. And flowers in my grandmother’s favorite color. 

I walked around the cemetery for over and hour in the cold rain looking for them. It started to get dark andi was afraid I’d lost my chance.  I wasn’t liked could go next week, I now life 2,000 miles away. 

I finally found them.  Appropriately, they are buried together. 

I took the tiniest sip of brandy ( I’m sure there are laws about drinking in a graveyard at dusk. Oops). I poured the rest into the ground, cleared the leaves ( except for the one that represents me)  and placed the flowers.  And I cried and talked to them until it was dark 


This was such a hard thing for me to do. I’ve spent over 2 decades avoiding it. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I’ve made peace with this and completed the task that still to this day has me feeling like a child 


While I was reading this morning I realized that so much of what I write is for my children’s children and their children. Sort of like my online diary. My iPad ( which I write on) is cracked and it’s not easy to post.

My computer is super slow and frustrating. 

I’ve asked for an in expensive lap top for Christmas so that I can write more.  ( I think I’m the only one I know who has never owned a lap top ) 

I’m ready to write my book and cannot do it on this iPad. 

Happy thanksgiving week, my friends. Take a minute during this crazy time and remember those along your path who have made you who you are today.  And thank you all, by reading my words you help me to remember the minor details that add up together and helped build me into the person I am today. 

I’m off to Brine my turkey. Much love, friends! Oxox

salsa-stuffed grilled avocados

say what?  Yup. The ever- loved avocado is tasty in more than just guacamole 


( but let’s face it, guac is pretty darn awesome!) 

I first had grilled avocado when Scott was living in Denver alone and I was still back in Massachusetts. 

my denver visit

We ate a a restaurant that sadly, is no longer in business 😓

  So I had to learn to make it myself! 

Grilled avocado 

1 avocado ( or 10…  These are addictive ) 

Olive oil

Seasoned salt ( I’m currently crushing on smoked sea salt ) 

Start by halving your avocado and removing pit. 

Brush avocado flesh woth olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt 


Place avacodo (skin on) right side down on preheated grill


Grill for about 4 minutes on one side,then rotate avacodo 45 degrees and grilled for a few more minutes 


 And there ya have it!   I stuffed mine with fresh salsa 😎


These are equally tasty on a salad ( using a small spoon, scoop out avocado flesh in one piece and slice )

Or turn into a smokey guacamole! 

Quick… Go get avocado and try this! 


Colorado whiskey-peach glazed smoked turkey breast

friends. I have a recipe for you. I have a recipe that has SO much flavor, it’s crazy.


Last summer, Scott and I bought a Big green Egg. For those who don’t know what that is, Its a Grill/smoker/pizza oven.

It’s a dream.  I’ve wanted one for years. 

It’s my personal ‘Green Monster’ … a little bit o’ Bosssston right here on my back porchbig green egg

Since owning this sweet little darling, I have become more adventurous with my outdoor cooking. I actually cook outdoors all winter long.


Snow storm? Kewl…. let’s fire that baby up a get a steak on there!

I was slow to start to smoke things, but since I’ve actually learned, I’m hooked.  ( or as my friend from River Cat Chili says, I’m smokin’ crazy)

Since Scott was home doing taxes this weekend ( big time boo 😦 ) I was able to get out of the house to go food shopping ( must be something wrong with me,becauseI REALLY enjoy grocery shopping! )

I didn’t have a plan

I didn’t have a list

I was just so excited to get out of the house after being pup-bound all week

( our girl is healing really well 😉 Fenwayall decked out in her Easter-inspired bandana 🙂


I stumbled upon a half turkey breast and that was it. I knew what I was doing.

sort of.

I began by brining the turkey ta-ta.

I used kosher salt,( 1/2 cup)

agave ( 1/8 cup ) ( you can swap out for sweetener of your choice)

pepper (dash)

and herbs de Provence ( 1 tablespoon )

If you want to make this, use what you have, just start with the salt/ water/ sugar mixture


I boil about 1/2 cup water, mix with the salt and agave , then add about a gallon of ice water to chill mixture and spices of choice.

In the past I’ve added various citrus, fresh herbs.. use what you have.. make it your own!


Brine turkey breast for 24 hours in the fridge.

about an hour or two before cooking, soak wood chips in water ( you need the water to create the steam to create the smoke 😉 )  I found pecan wood chunks and that was what I used. Check your hardware store, they are lousy with different flavors…. all of which I want to try

I set up my smoker so that it was at a steady 225 degrees

NOTE * if you do not have a smoker, you can bring your grill to this low temp or your oven and soak wood chips of choice and make a foil packet with      the chips and a bit of water. this will create the smoke and as long as you grill top is closed and over door is shut, the smoke will create a smoky taste in your food. Just make sure that the temp stays low.. 250 max.

I inserted a meat thermometer ( an absolute necessity )  


and place turkey breast on grill, add the soaked ships to the fire and shut the lid… and inhale.

( your neighbors will come out of the woodwork 😉 )

smoked turkey breast


The finished temp on the turkey ( or any poultry, including ground) needs to be 165 degrees.

When the temp reached 155, I placed some Peach- whiskey jam in am oven safe stoneware dish and place next to turkey so that it can melt a little


colorado peach whiskey jamthis is what I used. Scott and I picked this up at the farmers’ market this summer ( along with some other fun flavors  jalapeno-tequilia anyone ? )


you can buy it Here or you can use peach jam and add your own whiskey.

It is a bit on the pricey side, but trust me, this is like no other jam that you’ve ever tried. And a little bit goes a loong way.


smoked turkey and baby carrotsafter about 5 mintues, baste the trukey with the melted jam, ( reserve a little for the carrots )

remove stoneware and add some carrots

I  peeled baby carrots , tossed them in olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs de Provence  and place around the turkey


close lid and when temp comes up to 165, using tongs, remove turkey from smoker ( don’t pull the thermometer out just yet )


Place under broiler for about 4 minutes to get a final crispy crust


place on cutting board to rest and close lid to finish cooking carrots ( I like mine al dente.  cook to what your preference) when cooked to your desired crunch, glaze carrots with remaining melted jam


Colorado peach whiskey glazed turkey breast


look at that baby!

When ready to serve, cut the entire breast off of the bone by carefully insert knife along the breast bone, then slice horizontally so that each piece has a small bit of that amazing glazed crust


peach glazed turkey breast


here’s a napkin for you 😉


A friend asked me recently what was the biggest thing that I took  away from culinary school


I’ve been thinking a lot about this.  The number one thing that I learned?


I love to write. One of the core classes that I had to take was English Lit and I was scared to death. I hadn’t written since high school ( I was 32 when  I attended J & W )  My first paper that I had to write was about myself.  I approached it in the 3rd person and wrote a summary of my life on 2 pages

When the professor handed it back to me he said, ” I’ve been teaching for over 30 years, this was one of the best papers that I have ever had the pleasure of grading”

those were his exact words. I’ll never forget them.

From then on  I looked forward to every writing assignment.


The second thing that i took away.. not so much recipes, but Flavor Profiles. I understand what flavors complement each other. How to take simple ingredients and bring them together to make some tasty food.


Like here.. you notice that I used the herb de Provence in both the turkey brine and the carrots. I used the same glaze on both.

I made a kale salad to go along with this, and added golden raisins and slivered almonds, adding about a teaspoon of the jam to the dressing to bring the whole dish together.


I learned how to make a dish mine and to have fun in the kitchen!

So go ahead, use some of my recipes as a guide, but fins a way to put your personal touch on them. You’ll start to see how much fun it can be and you’ll go from making dinner to making a little bit of love on a plate.

bon apetit!

blooming nine-patch quilt

Happy new year and a month.

I go through spurts of being wordy, and I feel one about to start .

So here I go!

About 7-8 years ago I really wanted to learn how to quilt.  I had dabbled a little up until then, mostly self- taught with many, many mistakes and even more projects just tossed in the trash in frustration.

At the time, I had just met a neighbor of mine who had been a quilter for many years, and an absolutely wonderful woman.

She he had taken me to her home to show her quilt studio to me and I was blown away with how beautiful it was and even more stunning were her collection of quilts throughout her home.

She showed me this one quilt that she had made, Blooming  Nine-patch.  I was in love.  She convinced me that I could make it ( and I reaaally doubted her)

she he offered to go with me to help pick out my fabrics and she lent me her book with the pattern in it.

I had never attempted something this big and found myself overwhelmed, though I did keep working on it, often struggling to remember where I was in the whole quilt- making process.

Once I thought I had a good idea of what I was doing, my eldest son got married and I pushed my  quilt aside to make he and my daughter-in-law their wedding  quilt .

I’ve since made many lap quilts, and over the years I would go back and work on my quilt ( now dubbed Scott’s quilt because he was sure I’d never finish it abd it seemed to him like I made one for everyone but him. ). I would often get frustrated, work on it for a short time, then move on to something more  ‘instant-er’ gratification.

This past year has had life change direction dramatically for me and part of that includes my own sewing room and  a new years’ resolution to organize  Everything in it.

I fell shortly before Christmas while skiing with my family and had a lot of downtime while waiting for diagnosis and treatment plan ( trying to organize tests during Christmas week is not easy ) so I started on organizing my stash

( because it required a lot of sitting and that, my friends , was something that I could do )


( my big helper, miss Fenway )

( more on that later, I did a lot of research on how to organize, and took bits and pieces of what I learned and applied it to my personal stash)

I found myself moving ‘Scott’s’ quilt, now about 90% done, from space to space! trying to move it out of my way.

And just like a lightening bolt from above, I decided that finishing this would be one of my new years’ resolutions .

After my surgery, I set the sewing machine up for free- motion, arranged the quilt in my machine and would hobble over with my crutches for about 10 minutes at a time, and slowly progressed …  And as of last night…


..Completed.  When I talked to Ali on the phone this morning her response was, ” which quilt? Not THE quilt? Are you kidding ? Does dad know? ”  I won’t even get started woth the comments from my sister….

here are a few more photos of it.  I’m in love.



I’m very proud of myself :). I know this blog has been about food, but I think it’s kind of taken a different turn.  Since I’ve become an empty-nester, my creativity feels like its exploded ( in a good way )

While going through my stash, I’ve come across fabrics left over from projects that I’ve made over the last few years and realize hoe few photos I’ve taken of finished projects, many of which I’ve given away as gifts

the tote bags that I made for my mother-in-law and grandmother- in law for Christmas a few years ago

the jeweler bags that I made my sister in laws and niece for Christmas this year

many of the quilts that I’ve made

the hooded towel that I made for my nephew’s little girl

I just never thought to take pictures and coming across the fabrics that I chose for the gifts made me smile and remember why I bought them

( Scott’s grandmother loves lighthouses and I searched for the perfect lighthouse print for her bag …  I found one little square of the print left in my stash )

sooo, 2014 will have me sharing my finished projects. And since blowing up my Facebook wall most likely has my non- crafter friends bored as a board, I’ll be sharing here !

I still love food, but a significant weight gain in the last year, combine with still healing from surgery is not very kitchen- friendly for me , so until then allow me to indulge in my out of control crafty side !


I’ve spent 27 years being proud of my childrens’ accomplishments, today, I’m proud of mine 🙂

story time

yes, I’ve been MIA… It’s been a crazy, whirlwind 3 weeks

I flew from Denver to Boston , moved my youngest, Ali into Freshman year of college in Providence, spent time with friends and family on Cape Cod., picked up 2 of my boys from Boston, drove back to Providence, then flew to Oregon to move Ryan into Sophomore year of college, then finally, back to Denver.

Which is where I am now sitting in my quiet house and realize that I should write something. anything.

So I’m sharing a story today. I’m sharing it because when I had a ‘date night’ conversation with my sister last night, I told her this story and realized that I never shared this with her.

which makes me wonder who else I have or haven’t shared.

so here goes…

10,0000  years ago, when Scott got his very first job out of college, one of my clients at the hair salon that I worked for told me that we should buy a nice bottle of wine and save it for his retirement.

We lived on 30 bucks a week. if wine didn’t come in a box, or a giant jug, we didn’t drink it.

fast forward. Last year. After we  moved Ryan into college.. Scott and I had a day that Ryan had freshman activities , so we wandered into the beautiful Willamette Valley to explore some wineries.





this one is for my little sister… she loves this pic of me 🙂

Scott and I just loved it there.. and of course we bought some bottles to bring back with us… but not just any bottles..

we bought 4 bottles, one for each year of Ryan’s college, to be enjoyed after each year that he completes.  The Bottles ranged in price from not very expensive for freshman year, up to his graduation wine which is a special reserve vintage. ( more expensive than we would normally spend)

If you are friends with me on facebook, then you might remember this picture that i posted, promising a story ..


I just didn’t think it would take me this long to share 😉


yup. we didn’t have furniture, but we did have a special bottle of wine to celebrate Ryan’s first year complete.

So knowing that Ali was going to school in Rhode Island, and that we had a winery there that we enjoy more on that  HERE!… we factored a trip to the Vineyard to purchase 4 more bottles, this time in preparation of Ali’s upcoming accomplishments…


interestingly enough, the latitude of the South Cost of Rhode Island is the same as the Willamette Valley and Southern France, which is why all 3 areas produce fabulous wines!



her graduation wine 🙂  The label was designed by a graduate of RISD.. I love how they keep it local.


so that’s my story. and a brief wrap up of how we became empty-nesters so soon….

we are both so proud of all of our kids ❤



Our Oldest, Jason, is halfway through his bachelors’ degree and our Daughter-in-law, Amanda Sue is in nursing school, both in Florida.

hmm…. I think that a trip to St. Augustine Winery may be in order 😉


casa hagg.. Finally


Lots of you have been asking for some pics of the house. It’s coming along.. Slowly but surely.
If I haven’t had so many issues with the blog this week, I’d have done this much sooner. I need technical help 😉
So here we go.. A few random pics. Remember .. This is a work in progress it will take until the fall to get it the way that I want 

Fenway’s fenced in back yard 🙂 my girl is loving it !
sewing room before…

annnd after…. Lets not talk about it  soooo much to do here ! Scott’s armoire wouldn’t it up stairs OR downstairs.. So here it is 

Of course I’m seeing this as a way to store more fabric!

My countertop in the dining area 

My super- cool antique cast iron claw foot tub!

sun porch before….

Sun porch ready to sit in 🙂

Dining area / kitchen beforehand…

And after !  I am going to make roman shades for the 2 windows in the kitchen with this fabric 

As well as matching pillows for the couch 

I’ve bought pane,s at ikea $32 baabay! That look almost identical to the pottery barn curtains that the previous owners left us ( the one thing that Agnes left behind that I actually want ) 

View from my kitchen toward dining/ living room 

(Note said hand me down curtains??)

The view to the right as you walk in the house. …

Another view …

View to the left as you walk in ..

Straight ahead as you walk in… Pictures of loved ones passed and Ali as a little girl 💝

Area next to dining room table  these built ins house much of my kitchen stuff since this kitchen is 1/3 the size of my other kitchen …  That room on the other side is my sewing room and if you were to stand straight I this doorway you would be facing my claw foot tub 😁😁😁
Our back porch.. Where we’ve eaten most of our meals. The weather here is great ( minus the tornado yesterday and the wildfires..).  The great thing is that there are no bugs! It is so nice to sit outside and not get chomped on by Mosquitos!

My view from my living room out.. Say hi to Zola! 

And this, my friends, is where I am blogging from right now! 

It has been an interesting week. Life is very different here to say the least. Some good, some bad. Some I expected .. Some blindsided me.
In the end.. This is my new home.  My very old new home full of history and where I can hardly wait to make memories !
Ciao Bellas! 

weekend snapshot part 1

Hiya friends and family! Here I am from 30,000 feet in the air again ( I think I’m getting used to this 😉 )



Since I told you all I was going to use this blog as a way to share in this life-changing experience I thought I’d take these 2,000 miles to chat with you

* breathe, Sista, breathe * it’s less than 4 hours from Denver to Boston 🙂


I arrived Thursday night to a very hungry Scott waiting for me. I barely had time to put down my luggage and we were off to eat dinner at the restaurant that is attached to his corporate apartment, Earl’s. If you are friends with me on Facebook then you saw the picture that I posted. Although I that he is getting tired of eating at Earl’s, I just love it!



On the second floor the windows come out, making it almost a balcony to the outside. Earls overlooks 16th mall which is an entire cobblestone street where no cars are allowed, just a motorized shuttle that goes up and down the street all day long. In the center of the street are little food carts, chess tables, and in the summer colorful pianos everywhere encouraging anyone to play at any time. There are stores and restaurants lining the entire length of the street . It’s got a super- fun vibe!

This was the first time that I ate there with the windows open.. And even though there was a blizzard the day before, it was still comfortable because they have heating lamps that shine down on the tables, so you have that fresh,crisp air with the warmth of the lamps.

I had the chicken tacos. In fact I’ve been there 3 times and always order the chicken tacos. Thy are made with soft corn tortillas, shredded chicken, corn, Mexican cheese and pico de gallo. Served with a side salad that has basil shreds mixed in as well as fresh mozzarella! Yum !

The other thing that I like about eating there is that they have Dreaming Tree wines by the glass or bottle. Dreaming Tree wines are wines made at a vineyard owned by Dave Matthews! The labels of the wines are drawn by Dave and the names of the wines are titles of his songs. ( Scott is a huge DMB fan). But here’s the thing… The wines are really really good!!

It was a wonderful welcome to my new city.. And let me tell you, I was exhausted. It was so much work getting our house not only listed, but spotless and I left for a week one way, the girls left another direction, and having it be perfect for an open house that was this weekend.


On Friday Scott had to work, so once I slept in I went to the gym, then ventured out to drive by my new HOME!

It looked all purty sitting there 😉

Then I went to whole foods to get some healthy food ( I’ve been very bad with my eating habits lately and it shows… I’ve vowed to change this)

So I walked Into the store, and the funniest thing happened, I got . Nervous. Really nervous.. Like this is where I will be shopping a lot ( for the sales,produce and lentils). I actually had a little panic attack! Weird, eh?

I bought some tea, veggies, apples, lentils, kombucha ( they had a local hibiscus and elderberry flavor) eggs and milk for tea.

I went back to the apartment and enjoyed a ( well- deserved ) quiet afternoon.

On Saturday, Scott and I once again ventured to our new neighborhood, parked the car ( were from Boston. So we paaaakkked the caaaa) and walked to a cute little coffee shop called Wash Perk. Then we walked. And walked and walked. 6.5 miles actually. Just trying to get the lay of the land, time out distance to places that we will be going to. The fact that it was 66 degrees didn’t hurt. It was such a beautiful day in the park. I found myself really missing Fenway 😦


can you beat this view????


We walked to a pizza place for lunch. They have wood- fired pizza and calzones and amazing salads! It was fun to eat alfresco and watch all of the people walking by!



We then went to super-target to buy wine ( YES , our new Targeee the French store sells wine!) and a few odds and ends for the apartment ( laundry detergent, tt, paper towels, etc….)

Am I boring you yet? I know none of this sounds all that exciting but since its all new to me, I’m just tickled 🙂

Saturday night we walked down to LoDo, which is short for lower downtown. There are white lights strung above the streets from telephone pole to telephone pole.



IMG_0841So pretty!! We had a
fabulous Mediterranean meal at Rioja and enjoyed the walk to and from. He bought me the cookbook from the restaurant and the chef/ owner. Chef Jen signed it for me! We had a Spanish white wine and I had the artichoke and goat cheese ravioli . They were like little pillows that melted in your mouth… And now, I have the recipe!!!! Who wants to try some???

It may seem like we are eating out a lot, and we are, but Scott has a dining budget and he has not been using it so that he could wait until I was there and we could enjoy together.. We took advantage of it while we could, but once we close on our new house ( 2 weeks from tonight) that will be no more.

More about the weekend soon !

jax love

happy sunday , friends.


Scott and I were headed out for a walk when a good friend of mine happened to call at the exact time I was turning the key in the engine to inform me of a marathon running right by my house.


Back inside we went.


So last month, life unexpectedly had me take a last minute trip to go to Jacksonville, Fla to be with my daugther in law, Amanda… you may remember her  from THIS POST


while I was there to help her through some medical issues ( my Son is still on deployment until NEXT WEEK!!!)  She and were able to spend a bit of time doing silly things that we both enjoy ….

(not a great pic of either of us, but we were having a blast)

Health Food Shopping!!!!  For about a year now, Amanda has educated herself on non-gmo foods and how to eat a healthy, balanced diet and has lost 30 pounds!!  Let’s here it for how amazing that is!!!

No lie, over my 2 1/2 day visit with her, we hit 5 health food stores !  silly silly fun ❤


And of course… we found time for food.


hold on to your hats here… even thought I posted pictures when I was Colorado about going  out for frozen yogurt.. But that was only for Scott and Ali.


*I* still had not caught onto the ‘fro yo’ craze…


until jax.


Amanda  has 2 places that she wanted me to visit with her. One was 




yum 🙂  in the event that I am NOT the last person on earth who has not got out for for yo.. I will share..



Here, we went to a wall o fun……  you serve yourself whatever flavors ( go wild with your combinations..) into your cup

* our favorite was Fat Free ‘taro’  made from a tropical asian plant that has similar nutritional values to spinach… trust me.. this was AWESOME!!!!!*

then you head over to the toppings bar


and go WILD!





yum 🙂


the other place that we went was called COZY TEA

Amanda had told me a few weeks back that when I ever got to jax again that we both must go. ( she loves tea as much as I do)  Neither of us had dreamed that I would actually be there so soon…..


but I was… so we went..


and it was a phenominal experience!


nestled in an amongst other shops in an older part of Jacksonville, it this darling tea shop.



the room is beautifuly eclectic…. with mis matched dishes, and linens and even chairs, it has all the feeling of a very special living room…


you begin by picking your tea..



so many to chose from ! it was hard to make the choice ( so hard in fact that I  bought some loose tea to bring home with me 😉



I chose the lemon grass  Chai. I forget what Amanda chose….  I think it was fruity..





the food is all home made and without a doubt some of the best that I’ve ever had…




everything is home made and the chef-owners were right there in the kitchen… a delight to to talk to.





and when your tea is done, there are so many hand made truffles to chose from!  Of course I brought a bunch home.

She and I also each picked out a freshly baked scone with cream and jam to bring back for after dinner that night




we headed back to her house to hang with the pups, Bruin & Kallie and to just hang out and relax. Relaxing was much needed 😉


we ended the night by toasting to Jason, knowing he’s be home soon..



I did a little cooking while I was there.. I’ll share that in the next post….


aren’t they adorable?? she looks a lot like her little sister in this picture :0


so pretty !


on a final note.. I finally have my own suitcase.  This may sound silly to some, but it has me feeling all grown up.  With all of the traveling that I have been doing recently, as well as much more to come, I’ve gotten pretty good at the packing thing and have discovered some handy tips that I will be sharing soon.


I feel like such a big girl when I am maneuvering through the airport..


ya know.. a big girl who still takes her blankie with her at 42 years old 🙂


smooches friends.


enjoy your Sunday ❤

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