blooming nine-patch quilt

Happy new year and a month.

I go through spurts of being wordy, and I feel one about to start .

So here I go!

About 7-8 years ago I really wanted to learn how to quilt.  I had dabbled a little up until then, mostly self- taught with many, many mistakes and even more projects just tossed in the trash in frustration.

At the time, I had just met a neighbor of mine who had been a quilter for many years, and an absolutely wonderful woman.

She he had taken me to her home to show her quilt studio to me and I was blown away with how beautiful it was and even more stunning were her collection of quilts throughout her home.

She showed me this one quilt that she had made, Blooming  Nine-patch.  I was in love.  She convinced me that I could make it ( and I reaaally doubted her)

she he offered to go with me to help pick out my fabrics and she lent me her book with the pattern in it.

I had never attempted something this big and found myself overwhelmed, though I did keep working on it, often struggling to remember where I was in the whole quilt- making process.

Once I thought I had a good idea of what I was doing, my eldest son got married and I pushed my  quilt aside to make he and my daughter-in-law their wedding  quilt .

I’ve since made many lap quilts, and over the years I would go back and work on my quilt ( now dubbed Scott’s quilt because he was sure I’d never finish it abd it seemed to him like I made one for everyone but him. ). I would often get frustrated, work on it for a short time, then move on to something more  ‘instant-er’ gratification.

This past year has had life change direction dramatically for me and part of that includes my own sewing room and  a new years’ resolution to organize  Everything in it.

I fell shortly before Christmas while skiing with my family and had a lot of downtime while waiting for diagnosis and treatment plan ( trying to organize tests during Christmas week is not easy ) so I started on organizing my stash

( because it required a lot of sitting and that, my friends , was something that I could do )


( my big helper, miss Fenway )

( more on that later, I did a lot of research on how to organize, and took bits and pieces of what I learned and applied it to my personal stash)

I found myself moving ‘Scott’s’ quilt, now about 90% done, from space to space! trying to move it out of my way.

And just like a lightening bolt from above, I decided that finishing this would be one of my new years’ resolutions .

After my surgery, I set the sewing machine up for free- motion, arranged the quilt in my machine and would hobble over with my crutches for about 10 minutes at a time, and slowly progressed …  And as of last night…


..Completed.  When I talked to Ali on the phone this morning her response was, ” which quilt? Not THE quilt? Are you kidding ? Does dad know? ”  I won’t even get started woth the comments from my sister….

here are a few more photos of it.  I’m in love.



I’m very proud of myself :). I know this blog has been about food, but I think it’s kind of taken a different turn.  Since I’ve become an empty-nester, my creativity feels like its exploded ( in a good way )

While going through my stash, I’ve come across fabrics left over from projects that I’ve made over the last few years and realize hoe few photos I’ve taken of finished projects, many of which I’ve given away as gifts

the tote bags that I made for my mother-in-law and grandmother- in law for Christmas a few years ago

the jeweler bags that I made my sister in laws and niece for Christmas this year

many of the quilts that I’ve made

the hooded towel that I made for my nephew’s little girl

I just never thought to take pictures and coming across the fabrics that I chose for the gifts made me smile and remember why I bought them

( Scott’s grandmother loves lighthouses and I searched for the perfect lighthouse print for her bag …  I found one little square of the print left in my stash )

sooo, 2014 will have me sharing my finished projects. And since blowing up my Facebook wall most likely has my non- crafter friends bored as a board, I’ll be sharing here !

I still love food, but a significant weight gain in the last year, combine with still healing from surgery is not very kitchen- friendly for me , so until then allow me to indulge in my out of control crafty side !


I’ve spent 27 years being proud of my childrens’ accomplishments, today, I’m proud of mine 🙂


  1. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. You should ne proud. Congratulations.


  2. Absolutely beautiful! I mean REALLY!! Looking forward to seeing what you work on next. You should be very proud of yourself. This is quite a stunning accomplishment!


  3. Thank you very, very much! I’m getting more and more confident in my quilting and that feels amazing! I’m looking forward to sharing more projects 🙂 thanks again !


  4. WOw it’s about time…. ;). Gorgeous Michelle! I’m impressed!


  5. wow! it is huge. I see so many pieces. That would take me couple of years too 🙂 Well done!


  6. So pretty! I want to make one of these someday… If I could ever get caught up on all the projects I ALREADY have started, LOL.


  7. Ann Marie Hinz says:


    When I started quilting I was afraid to make a large quilt, and my friends said “it’s just more blocks!” They were right, and my first quilt was a queen size! This was 12-15 years ago, and I’ve done many, but like you, don’t take pictures of them. And of course, everyone has them but me!

    Have you tried Judy Neimeyer’s paper piecing technique? Love doing them! I know, just what you need, another project! Take care, cuz!


  8. Laurie King says:

    Congratulations on a job well done! It is absolutely beautiful; I see you are as talented as your mom, after I complete my knitting experience I want to try doing a quilt. There is a place here in Virginia close to where I live that gives quilting lessons. I have a quilt my great grandmother made and I thought that is the neatest thing to leave as a legacy — at 63 I better get going knowing how long it takes me to complete a projec.t :o) Laurie (your Mom’s cousin)


    • Thank you! I’m making a hand hexagon quilt that I hope will be in my family long after I’m gone.

      You definitely should look into a beginner’s class! Everyone starts somewhere! Best of luck!


  9. OH that is a beautiful quilt! Seems like quilting runs in the family! I want to finish mine but I have scared myself. I am going to just have to bite the bullet and try!!!! Wish I had a fraction of the talent that you and Ann have!!!


  10. The story and the Quilt that go with it are for lack of proper wording….. Impressively Amazing! I think that quilt is a master piece! You should be very proud of yourself. You worked hard on it and it shows


    • Thanks! There usually is a story behind everything that I do. I forgot to add to the story that a few years ago I gave up on the actual quilting of it and put I on our bed with the basting pins in it! That only lasted a few weeks… Those pins hurt when they open by accident !


  11. You have every right to be proud of you. Celebrate and do share all of your projects here I think you might have more fans than you even know. I’m one now!


  12. Thanks, Jackie! I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to know you! Oxox



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