what are you willing to do…

the month of October is fast approaching ( my favorite month of all time ~ I come alive in Sept/Oct/Nov like I do no other time of the year.) I really am like a different person.

it’s a perfect time for change and commitment. The ability for us to change and control what we can on our own is truly a luxury.

someone with breast cancer does not always have that option. And yes, folks. October is breast cancer awareness month… and I’m out to make you aware.

I’ve eluded to it before, but I need to tell you without going into too much detail, that my darling stepsister, Audra, was diagnosed at the end of the summer with breast cancer. Audra is one of the most sweetest people that I know with undoubtably the BIGGEST heart of anyone. She has lived a life that is much more difficult than average… There have been road blocks at every step  of the way.

As you may know, My little sister, Jodie and I have walked in the 40 mile 2 dy Avon walk for breast cancer for 4 years now, with our daughters joining us for the last 2…  and we will walk again this May.

When we first started walking it was in memory of my neighbor… a woman that I did not know all that well.. but watching her journey touched my soul. With Fran always  in our hearts, we continued walking after that first year… when we were asked why.. we always answered because we can .

Hearing that Audra was diagnosed last month, this cause took on a whole new meaning for us. I talked to her today.. even with everything that is going on and hard as it is for her to comphrehend… Her spirits are up and she didn’t complain one little bit. She is a fighter!.. and she has her angel son, James, looking down on her ans smiling as well…

I’ve also mentioned about a friend of a friend battling breast cancer with 4 young children.

4. young. children.

SHE is a fighter.

Our team will be walking another 40 miles this May.. and in October we will be walking in another breast walk… this one a 5 mile OR 1.5 mile walk.  This is going to be nice because my mom ( huge helper with our fundraising.. as well as my niece, Mollie .. aslo a huge help) they can walk the shorter of the route and still be part of us.

I wrote a bit about it HERE

( They have always been honorary Team Pinkteenies, but now they can walk WITH us 🙂 ) ANd we will be walking for Audra and Jen. In a big way.

One amazing lady that I know who started a local running group in honor of her sister who was killed by a drunk driver had a great idea…. ( and I’m borrowing it to make it grow 🙂

For the month of October can you commit to doing one thing a day for the ENTIRE month in honor of someone who has been affected by breast cancer.

You can vouch to :

walk a mile a day

walk 2 miles a day

5 miles a day.

if walking is too difficult, then can you lift light weights while you are sitting?

maybe push ups are your thing

maybe you could vouch to drink a certain amount of water

abstain from a food…

what are you willing to do?

you can think about this, as it does not start until Oct 1. by then I should have the back problems that I have been having with the blog ( I am SOOOO not technical) fixed..  and an easy way for anyone who wants to share your commitment(s) and who you are doing for.

I know many people who have been affected by breast cancer, I’m sad to say..and I will be walking for all of them.. I haven’t lost site of that.

but my October goal?

jog 2 miles each day…

1 for Audra

1 for Jen

( remember, I don’t love running, I love the idea of it..( I’m trying so hard)  so running 2 miles a day is serious work for me… but between you and me ( and now the whole world) when I was feeling during my races that I couldn’t go on.. I thought of these two women.. and somehow, they gave me strength )

and because I love you all sooo much, anyone who participates ( remember, it can be a small commitment…) will be entered and on Nov 1 I will choose one winner ( hopefully my super- cool raffle helper giveaway thingy will be working) and the winner will receive a batch of WHATEVER cookies that you want.. I will make you anything 🙂 )

because you guys are so awesome!

so what will you do?


  1. Sue Belisle Williams says:

    My aunt was recently diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer.. You guys and your walk inspire me beyond belief. I will commit to the gym and the elliptical 45 min 5 days a week. And a 2 mile walk or bike ride the other two days.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt.. she will be in our prayers…. Your commitment seems very doable:) when you feel like you don’t want to go… think of her… oxox


  3. Jolene Charest says:

    Sista… You are not giving yourself enough credit… I do believe we just completed our 5th annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer… But as you said…. This time it hit way too close to home!!!! Cancer does not mess with our sister(s)…. Cause then it has to deal with us!!! And we are not a force to be wreckened with!!!!!


  4. whillow1973 says:

    BTW I am putting in my order for white chocolate macadamia but cookies heheheh


  5. As cliche as this sounds….I will do what I do everyday….I will cherish my family, I will hug them and tell them I love them….I will sit and spend time with my children….serious time dedicated to them….free of multi tasking….I will try to live each day to the fullest…..cause I know how quickly it all changes….and I know to well the pain Cancer causes…..and when life is hard i will turn to my guardian angel and pray for strength….and each and everyday I will spend time thinking of my mom!!!!


    • that is not cliche at all.. it is beautiful.. I knew your mom and KNOW that she is so proud of what an amazing mom that you are.. Like you said, the time that you spend with your children is undivided time… rarely given these days in this world of mutli-tasking 🙂 I am super proud of you and I know that your angel is looking down on you as proud as a mom can be ❤ x0x0


  6. Cathy Thomas says:

    Well…. I am thinking maybe I will take a walk with you on that very special day and I will work hard during Oct to walk as far as I can every day!


  7. I just saw a walk in my area for Oct 6th called the Pink Pumpkin 5K, it is on my list


  8. Cathy Thomas says:

    OH! And I am sporting a bright pink stripe in honor of Breast cancer awareness month!



  1. […] Mom is also offering an October special…  All of the proceeds from everything that she knits goes toward our big 40 mile breast cancer walk in May.  So for the month of October she is offering free shipping on any item !! With all proceeds going toward finding a cure for breast cancer […]


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