wonderful winter squash!!

This past week at Plato\’s harvest Organic Farm our CSA share contained some winter squash.

a squash that I had never seen before.. Delicata squash..

I was intrigued.. and excited…something new to try!!

here’s what I did :

I began by washing it, cutting it in half, scooping the seeds into the compost pile & drizzling with a little olive oil salt & pepper on a cookie sheet.

lined with foil, for easy clean-up 😉

I flipped the squash cut side down & roast in a 375 degree oven for 30-40 minutes,

(depending on the size of your squash.)

*the purple potatoes came along for the hot ride in the oven 😉 *

The Delicata squash ( isn’t it a cool name?) is ready when the  squash is soft to the touch.

And the result? A caramelized fall vegetable that will have you feeling warm & fuzzy

this particular squash has a very thin skin & is edible.

and delicious.  I’m  hooked. The first 4 squash that I made I didn’t share with Scott. I’m serious. I made him eat granola.

To serve you can:

1) open wide & inhale it, like I did the first time (hoping that no one is peeking your kitchen)

2) be a tad more civilized & serve it as a side dish using your fork & knife like a grown-up

3) be really adult & stuff it..like I did yesterday for lunch ( I didn’t give in to my constant calling of Tuesday night’s)  baked shells with parmesan cream sauce & broccoli

Yay me!!

I stuffed mine with

1/4 cup couscous

1/2 cup of oven-roasted kale

1 tomato, chopped

I drizzled on some EVOO & topped with a few chopped walnuts….

oh yeah, and a small amount of Parmesan cheese. I think that I should have cheese in every meal for the rest of my life.

I think that someday that should be on my headstone….

so hats off to me yesterday…. I chose that dish

*right* up*there*

in place of what I could’ve had


plus I walked 2 miles. ( those of you who know me know that my post -surgery has not been as easy as I had hoped)

so I had 2 awesome accomplishments on a lonely little hump-day 😉

And back to the squash…. if you have the chance, you really need to try this. Scott game one to my sister to try. She’s lucky that she is my sister; I’m not sharing my Delicata squash lightly.

If you are reading this in particularly from the Plymouth area, you can head down to the farmer’s market TODAY! at Stephen’s Field & some for yourself. If your aren’t from a round here, check your local Farmer’s market.

But if you are from around here? You should go.  And buy Delicato squash.  And bring me some cheese:)

thank you 😉

p.s… there is still time to enter  the super-cool apple corer giveaway 😉


  1. Come cook for me?


  2. I am truely lucky to be your sister….Yes….it was scrumdiddlyumcious!!



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