salsa-stuffed grilled avocados

say what?  Yup. The ever- loved avocado is tasty in more than just guacamole 


( but let’s face it, guac is pretty darn awesome!) 

I first had grilled avocado when Scott was living in Denver alone and I was still back in Massachusetts. 

my denver visit

We ate a a restaurant that sadly, is no longer in business 😓

  So I had to learn to make it myself! 

Grilled avocado 

1 avocado ( or 10…  These are addictive ) 

Olive oil

Seasoned salt ( I’m currently crushing on smoked sea salt ) 

Start by halving your avocado and removing pit. 

Brush avocado flesh woth olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt 


Place avacodo (skin on) right side down on preheated grill


Grill for about 4 minutes on one side,then rotate avacodo 45 degrees and grilled for a few more minutes 


 And there ya have it!   I stuffed mine with fresh salsa 😎


These are equally tasty on a salad ( using a small spoon, scoop out avocado flesh in one piece and slice )

Or turn into a smokey guacamole! 

Quick… Go get avocado and try this! 


ibotta…  money-saving app…  put cash back in your pocket!

howdy, friends!   Since it’s Friday I thought it might be nice to share a great way to save money. ( so you can spurge a little over the weekend ) 

****Scratch that.   It’s taken me ALL weekend to write this!!  *****

It’s called ibotta. And it’s free. And I’ve saved almost $100 in a year! 

You need to have a smartphone with a camera.  

You start by creating a free account. You can build a ‘team’, or join one ( bigger bonuses for everyone on your team ) .. But we will come back to that .

Think of it as an instant electronic mail in rebate 


Start by opening the app.  It senses where you are and will let you know what is near you.  For purposes of this post, going to use grocery. 


We are shopping at target. Click on ‘target’. It will take you to the current offers 


Once you click on the store, it will show you which offers are available. 

See that cheese? We are going to buy it 


Once you click on it, you’ll be asked to either watch a very short video (15 seconds or so ) or to take a quick quiz 

( like, have you tried this product before?) 


Using your camera, you line up the barcode in the box.  It automatically scans the code

  For items with out a barcode, you skip the scanning step ( but not the ‘unlock the code’ step) 


When you have all of the items on you list, click ‘verify purchases’   


Scan the barcode and then click verify purchases ( this ensures you are buying the right product) 


Once you get the green check mark, you need toclick capture receipt 


Line it up and take the photo. Then click submit receipt 


That’s it! As long as they can read your recipe ( I’ve only had one issue..  So I save receipts until I know for sure..  I re submitted it and it went through no problem ) 

The money gets deposited into your account! Presto! 

For online purchases it’s a little bit different . 

Start by clicking on the store 




Click the unlock the code buttons


Once codes are unlocked, click redeem .  It will give you the option to go immediately to their website to shop or to email a code for later 

* very important… You MUST shop through the link via ibotta, otherwise the rebate won’t work*


Simply shop! The rebate will be automatically added to your account once you shop !  In my experience, the online rebates take a few extra days to show up, but they always do.  You just have to make SURE you shop through the link provided. 

Questions?   How about how do I get my buckaroos? 



There are many ways to cash in. They have partners and have more being added all the time.   Simply click ‘ cash out’ and click what you would like.  I’ve earned over $80 at Amazon alone! 

When I cashed in my bucks for Amazon, they immediately emailed me a e certificate and I was ordering my goodies on Amazon with in seconds!

Soooo….. What have I missed?   Ibotta is in SO many stores! 

Home Depot




Whole foods


Vitamin world 







Toys r us 


Best buy

Joann fabrics

Hobby lobby 



Charlotte Russe


Jc Penney 


Lands end


Under armour






‘ any restaurant’ 




Olive Garden 

Outback Steakhouse 

Red lobster 

Buffalo Wild Wings 





1-800 flowers 

How can you resist this? 

Any other questions? Ask!

If you want to join my team enter the code

 ‘ qzjbiy’ 

when you sign up via the app.   Of course, you don’t need to join my particular team, but the bigger the team the more bonuses everyone on the team receives! 

I get a rebate everytime I buy 




Fresh produce.


The list goes on and on. ..

Let me know if I can explain anything else! 

* although the ibotta app was designed here in Denver, I have zero affiliation with the company.  I am just really impressed with how well this works and I do love to save me some bucks! *

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coconut crusted chicken with grilled pineapple salsa


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